Why Has Pokimane Not Been Cancelled Yet?

Why Has Pokimane Not Been Cancelled Yet

A few months ago, Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan was removed from the OfflineTV team because of sexual misconduct allegations and the issue died down after a bit of controversy. Most people took the side of the Offline TV team but it turns out a leaked document that was allegedly “leaked” online, with screenshots from Pokimane and Fed’s relationships have led to widespread outrage among fans. There are plenty of incriminating messages between Pokimane and Fed and fans are calling her out for her flippant responses.

Destiny did a full breakdown of the document and talked about the issue from a fairly neutral perspective. No one takes away from the fact that what Fed allegedly did that got him kicked from the Offline TV team was wrong. But, Pokimane’s continual power moves against people and manipulative nature have gone out of hand according to fans. The online community and Destiny called her out for being a manipulator. If you want to check out the full discussion by Destiny you can check it out below.

Fed started off his statement saying the following: During the Taiwan Trip (February 14 2018), Poki and I got really close. A lot of good moments came from that trip. It felt like the honeymoon phase of getting to know someone, and that’s what it was. This was the first time we talked and looked at each other differently. We discussed some pretty personal things like work ethic, drive, and dreams. It was really cool. And then on stream we would do our thing; we weren’t at all playing it up for content, at least I wasn’t.

What Happened Between Fed and Pokimane

Fed reveals that Pokimane and himself came back from Taiwan on a good note and the chemistry between them continued to be quite good. They used to have breakfast and dinner every day and everyone became curious about what was going on between them two. The 25-page response had a lot of screenshots revealing the nature of their relationship and it is definitely true that something was going on between the two. Fed also claimed that he wronged Pokimane and crossed the line.

Following the document leaking. Pokimane responded that she was looking forward to moving on. The online community called her out for her guilty complex and called Pokimane out for being a manipulator. One of her biggest critics has been Destiny who called her out for admitting that she was wrong. Destiny is someone who usually has a neutral stance and he mentioned clearly that he does not want to take sides. But after Pokimane constantly lied and manipulated others with her terrible responses, Destiny made a video talking about how manipulative and devious Pokimane is.

Yvonne Was Removed Because of Pokimane

According to Destiny, Pokimane would be better off with a step by step analysis and response to Fed instead of doing her response stream which was very manipulative and too obvious that she is lying. According to Fedmyster, it was Pokimane who wanted Yvonne removed from Offline TV house. They just made Fed the scapegoat in the whole situation and covered up their tracks by playing the victim card.

After the statement by Fed was leaked, he published a different word file claiming that both individuals had come to mutual agreement. Their relationship had a fallout and despite how he mentioned things in the document and what he revealed, he talks about how he did not want to reveal Pokimane in bad light in any way.

She revealed that the Fed document was wrong on many levels and she also brushed aside rumors of them sleeping together. Destiny responded to Pokimane’s claims and called her out. He asked “Wait, what was wrong about the document? It feels like she corroborated, like she basically laughed off all the parts she didn’t want to go deep into and then like, what was wrong about it? He was not sleeping in other people’s rooms the way he was sleeping in Poki’s room. That’s just not true! I can’t believe she’s saying it. It’s obvious from the messages.

Fed concluded the drama saying I’m not going to sugarcoat it, the last few months have been some of the most dark, challenging, and loneliest periods of my life. The silver lining is there’s been new found appreciation for all the small things in life that I previously brushed under the rug. As for my future endeavors, I don’t plan to return to streaming/content related projects until I’m someone that I know I can be proud of– and this will take time. If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout all this, is that talking through your emotions is very powerful. I urge everyone reading not to bottle things up, don’t be afraid to seek help/therapy. With patience, and effort it can change your life and perspective for the better.


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