PaymoneyWubby Bashes Twitch In A Hilarious Manner On Stream

PaymoneyWubby Bashes Twitch In A Hilarious Manner On Stream
  • PaymoneyWubby made a hilarious return on Twitch after his ban. He dressed as a clown fired shots at Twitch and its management.

PaymoneyWubby is back with a bang to Twitch. In a hilarious stream, he bashes all the fairly visible flaws of Twitch. The streaming platform has been known to be biased towards female and famous streamers, and PaymoneyWubby made a mockery of just that by going after streamers like Alinity and Pokimane. He made a comedic skit and delivered some extraordinary content to his viewers.

All of this fury came from his unjustified ban and being ignored by the Twitch staff for around five days. He stated in the stream, “I return tonight with the fury of a thousand suns.”

PaymoneyWubby, in his return stream, was clearly visible as a hunter who is out for blood. He took shots at the management of Twitch, about the whole cat situation involving Alinity and the special treatment Pokimane received by not getting a penalty after her recent NSFW slip-up.

Wubby didn’t hold back and even made a declaration that he may get banned for the following stream, but it didn’t scare him because of the sheer frustration from Twitch. He also released a video criticising Twitch on YouTube. He said he tried to band together with other streamers for their comment on the flaws of Twitch, but they backed out because of the fear of losing sponsorships. Wubby labelled them as “cowards.”

During the entire stream, he took shots of alcohol and ranted about the complete ban scenario and thrashed Twitch for its incompetency. He randomly even agreed to shave his head during the stream. His behaviour was justified. A lot of streamers have been quite frustrated with Twitch for a long time now. The inconsistency with the bans and no clear guidelines have even compelled a lot of streamers to switch platforms completely. The loss of subscribers and money is something Twitch doesn’t seem to care about while hitting a streamer with an unjustified ban. Recently, a lot of false bans have been happening, followed by an apology from Twitch.

PaymoneyWubby was mainly frustrated with the lack of communication throughout the ban. Also, when the whole thing blew over, Twitch made a two-line apology to the streamer. Pokelawls ban for briefly showing a butt was noticed by Twitch, but Pokimane went unscathed for a similar action, these particularly enraged Wubby.

Wubby also said that he had been approached by Mixer a lot of times to switch platforms, but he has been refusing to make the switch out of the feeling for working and growing with Twitch.

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