Optic’s Scump Explains Why He Prefers ICR-7 ver Maddox RFB

Best BO4 Guns
Best BO4 Guns

During one of Optic’s Scump streams, he was talking about the different weapons used in Black Ops 4. One specific topic was the different between two particular guns Scump explains using the ICR-7 over the Maddox RFB.

Everyone likes Scump

Scump is a professional Call of Duty Esports player. He’s made his way onto the scene back in 2011 and he really picked up his game when he joined OpTic Gaming. Now with his achievements and being a 2x XGames Gold Meadlist, he has bragging rights, and when Scump discuses about a certain weapon, or weighs two weapons together, one should pay close attention. In one of his streams he starts talking about the ICR-7 and the Maddox, and what were the differences.

Comparing the ICR-7 to the Maddox

It’s no surprise that the ICR-7 and Maddox RFB are two of the best guns in Black Ops 4. What one will be used by the pros over the course of the year. Optic’s Scump explains why the ICR-7 is the better selection. Nothing against the Maddox, the gun is amazing however Scump brings up some good points.

optic scump black ops 4 ICR-7 Maddox RFB
optic scump black ops 4 ICR-7 Maddox RFB

Scump mentions how its hard to jumpshot with the Maddox and has the feel of an SMG. He goes on to say how the ICR will take out any head glitch, which is key on the pro circuit. The ICR’s perfect accuracy makes it the best gun so far in black ops 4.

Here is the clip of Scump comparing both after a streamer mentions “no love for the Maddox”

No love for the Maddox? I sort of liike, I like it, but it’s really hard to jump shot with it. And in certain scenarios with the ICR-7, in certain scenarios, like the Maddox plays like a sub. If you run into an ICR-7 in any kind of head glitch, you’re dead. Like any head glitch.

He says the Maddox is good in open gun fights, but that the ICR-7 shoots incredibly straight.

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