OpTic Scump’s Impersonation of Esports Caster Benson Is Awesome

Esports OpTic Scump Ben Benson Bowie Broadcaster Impersonate CWL Call of Duty World Leage Event
Image source: nstagram.com/benbowe100, twitter.com/momOFscump

Scump was in a lobby for one of OpTic Gaming’s daily scrims when the discussion of the Saug 9mm came up. Someone brought up how the last time they used the gun was at the Call of Duty World League (CWL) Vegas Open event in 2018. That triggered one of the best memories from the event, and OpTic Scump added a great sound bite. 

Black Ops 4 Lobby with OpTic Scump

During one of OpTic Gaming scrims, Seth “Scump” Abner and his OpTic gaming teammates were waiting in the lobby; getting ready to start the game on the map Frequency. The topic of classes and who was going to use what came up. OpTic Karma, Crimsix, TJHaLey and Dashy were all giving their input and what was classes are good, who has used/not used particular guns.

At one point the Saug 9mm submachine gun came up. A bunch of opinions were exchanged around and someone mentioned that the last time they used the gun was at the CWL Las Vegas Open back in early December of 2018. The mention of the CWL triggered an awesome memory in us, including Scump where he did an impersonation of Ben “Benson” Bowie doing the Most EPIC Call of Duty esports play by play of all time.

Scump jumps into the conversation and screams, “Karma, Karma, Karma!” which everyone recognized. Scump thought he did a good impersonation of Benson and says “Yo was that spot on or what?”. Crimsix can be heard saying, “That was spot on“. TJHaLy jumps in the conversation to bring everyone back to earth that they are going to have a scrim soon by saying “Yo this map right here we should try…“.

One thing for sure is, that impersonations are the best form of flattery. And no one else could have made a call like that other than Benson himself.

Esports OpTic Scump Ben Benson Bowie Broadcaster Impersonate CWL Call of Duty World League Seth Abner
Image source: twitch.tv/scump
CWL Vegas Open

For those who don’t remember what went on, in a nutshell, OpTic Gaming won the CWL Vegas Open in 2018. By winning the tournament in such a dominant fashion, OpTic Gaming soared back to the top in the Call of Duty esports world. It was a great performance and one of the most exciting tournaments we’ve seen. OpTic Crimsix also gave one of the best speeches, thanking his teammates in his humble way.

In one of the matches,  OpTic Gaming was playing eUnited on the map “Seaside”. Towards the latter part of the match, what looked liked a win for OpTic Gaming was being challenged by eUnited. The entire scene from this point is too fantastic now to show the clip which can be seen in the CODWorldLeague Twitter account.

Ben “Benson” Bowie was one of the casters for the tournament. As always, he brings incredible insight to the Call of Duty games, and this tournament was no exception. We were fortunate enough that he was in on the play by play with Chance, another notable Call of Duty broadcaster. At that point in the match, it seemed like eUnited was going to make a comeback against OpTic Gaming. Everyone was loosing their minds, including Benson, who made the exciting game call.

With that play by play, Benson has created one of the best Call of Duty esports moments in history, and perhaps in the whole industry.

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