Ninja Reacts To Steve Harvey Saying He Makes $1.5 Million Dollars A Month

Ninja Reacts To Steve Harvey Saying He Makes $1.5 Million Dollars A Month
Image Source: Steve Harvey IG / Ninja YT

Ninja was watching Steve Harvey talking about him while during one of his streams. At one point, Steve Harvey said Ninja makes $1.5 Million dollars a month. Here’s Ninja’s explanation.

Steve Harvey Talks About  Ninja

Popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is the first gaming superstar of our time. Ninja has changed the face of gaming as we know it, breaking boundaries and achieving things no gamer would have thought imaginable. Now, more and more people are exposed to the world of streaming thanks to him. Ninja became the superstar when Fortnite Battle Royale came out, and he continues to be the most popular streamer in the world. You may like him or hate him, but he’s here to stay. The amount of big TV shows he is been on shows that he is considered as a celebrity now; being on Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and Steve Harvey’s Family Feud.

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Ninja Watches Steve Harvey Talk About Him

Family Feud host, Steve Harvey, spoke about Ninja on his show recently. He stated “I was introducing Fortnite Star and the teleprompter glitched and I said please welcome Tyler the .in.. Blevins. That was his name but I did not know that it said, Ninja.

Steve Harvey continued, saying “Who is a gamer here? You have heard of him?” Some audience members heard of Ninja and Steve continued. “He was on this show he was on Family Feud a year ago. I asked him what he did? He said I play video games. I said you need to get a f….. job. The kid I am seeing the Super Bowl next day he is the suite next to me. The kid makes 1 million 1.5 million dollars a month playing video games.”

When Steve Harvey mentioned that, Ninja was making a gesture saying that’s not true. When Steve Harvey finished, Ninja said: “That is not true.“.

Steve Harvey continued saying people are giving money to Ninja just so that their name will come on to the screen. Which is true. Steve Harvey explains several more points about Ninja’s earning.

However, Ninja claimed that Steve Harvey is doing a semi-decent job on explaining this to the audience. Steve Harvey ended his bit by saying ” Some F… is doing 1.5 million dollars by playing video games and I look at to my kids and say what the f… are you doing?”. Steve Harvey is a comedian and known to exaggerate things, which is what makes him incredibly funny.



To be honest, these kinds of talks is what ignites the hate on streamers, and it’s not just Ninja. People are seeing streaming, not as a job; they are seeing this as playing video games. So it is hard to explain this to someone who doesn’t necessarily know how full-time streamers work. It’s more than just playing video games. Streamers have a full-time job and have a schedule they need to follow. Their schedule consists of more than just streaming, and like every other job, streamers need to follow a strict schedule (ex: 8am to 6pm). If they don’t stream, they lose subs, like the time Ninja lost 40,000 subs for being away for 48 hours.

If they lose subs, they earn less. There’s nothing wrong with making money while your streaming, especially if you’ve dedicated your life as Ninja has.

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