Ninja Uses Net Worth to Insult Trash Talkers: “I can literally purchase the bank your house is being loaned out to”

Ninja Uses Net Worth to Insult Troll I can literally purchase the bank your house is being loaned out to

As streaming became more and more mainstream, we started seeing streamers gain celebrity status. There is no one else that can come to mind when we think of the most popular streamer in the world, and that is Ninja. He’s set the bar for many other streamers and has literally helped shine light on the industry. Ten years ago, the amount of money in the system was very little compared to now, and these days streamers, if they are successful, earn a lot of money from partnerships and advertising.

One of the first streamers who earned international recognition was Ninja. You may like him, you may hate him, but Ninja is one of the main figures of the evolution of streaming. He was on popular TV shows such as Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. Therefore, some people do hate Ninja and generally insults him during his streams. However, this time he was not talking about his trolls, but about the players he plays with.

Ninja Sends Strong Message To Haters In-Game

During Ninja’s recent stream on Mixer, he was explaining how players in-game insult him after every round of playing Valorant. Ninja stated, “People advertising their stream talking shit, after game, literally every game, I am in 4 men 5 men with relevant people within the first two rounds an insult about Mixer to me, something about Fortnite, or they plug their Twitch stream. and throughout the game continual Fortnite shit-talking.” Ninja later used his net worth and belittled everyone, “Dude, I can literally purchase the bank that your house is loaned out to and fucking foreclose your house, and then you can not talk shit to me because you will not have internet“.

Here is the clip on Mixer.

After Ninja said that, players like Airon took to twitter to share what they just heard.


Ninja said this while in a Valorant lobby with TimTheTatman, one of his best friends. Many viewers were not happy about what he said and wrote in the chatbox as well as taking it to Twitter. Even though Ninja doesn’t have the same amount of subscribers since he moved to Mixer, he is still one of the most popular streamers and making controversial statements will still garner a lot of attention.

Considering the amount of trolling Ninja endures, especially in-game when all he hears it trash talk, it seems inevitable that he would get his frustrations out. Most of us will never get to experience the same amount of attention and fame that Ninja has, so we can’t possibly comprehend the amount of verbal abuse he goes through in-game. But does that merit this sort of response? We do know if players are willing to trash talk Ninja, they should expect to get some sort of retaliation.

Nnja Trash Talking

Agree or disagree with what Ninja said, one thing for sure is that we can see his frustrations with trash talkers.

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