Ninja Speaks In Favor Of Jarvis And Content Creators Worldwide

Ninja Speaks In Favor Of Jarvis And Content Creators Worldwide
  • Ninja spoke about the ban placed on Jarvis by Epic Games. He gave reasons about why the ban is unjust and really irrational.

Recently, the Fortnite pro and streamer Faze Jarvis were hit with a permanent ban hammer from Epic Games. It was due to him using cheats last weekend in the Solos Battle royale mode. It was pretty evident that he was just trolling around, because he made no effort to hide the cheating, and even made a video about it. Epic Games has “a zero-tolerance policy” with cheaters, they were clear about the whole scenario.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the most excellent Fortnite streamer, gave his two cents about the whole matter. He said how this sort of penalty is unjust and really heavy for a person whose career depends upon the game. In a recent stream, Ninja said that high profile content creators such as Jarvis and many others should be given considerations, modified penalties, and treatment, which in general is not offered to normal players.

Ninja’s Stance

Ninja made a statement saying “There’s a difference between a content creator who has millions of subscribers, hundreds of thousands of followers, who gets banned from what literally makes him money, and some kid who is just a piece of shit who has absolutely zero following, has zero money that comes from Fortnite, from gaming, and hacks.

Ninja further said, “You ban that kid, nothing happens to him. Nothing happens. ‘Oh no, he can’t cheat anymore.’ You ban Jarvis, it’s different. The stakes are different, it should be handled a little bit differently.

Ninja emphasized on the fact that he doesn’t think Jarvis should be left free but should be not given such a heavy penalty, “He’s still super young. I think it’s just a stupid kid making a stupid decision, didn’t fully think about it. It wasn’t in a tournament, it wasn’t a cash cup, it wasn’t anything like that,” he said.

Ninja justified his stance saying, “He’s young. There are people who have done worse things on the internet in different areas and haven’t gotten banned. I use Logan Paul as a reference, the dude literally filmed someone hanging in a forest, and [his] channel didn’t get banned, and he’s been perfectly fine. He uploaded an apology video, and he was set,

“There are lines, man. I think this is one where it’s like, Jarvis, dude, you’re an idiot, six-month ban, maybe three months—first offense, young kid, come on man.”

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