FaZe NiKo Gets Unexpected Surprise While Playing CS:GO

FaZe NiKo Gets Unexpected Surprise While Playing CSGO

Although the esports industry hasn’t been hit as hard as other industries, events and shows have been canceled and postponed causing disruption for esports organizations and advertisers. There is a workaround for leagues and tournaments, however, as most pro leagues have turned to only “online-play” such as the LCS and CDL. Given that professional players are not traveling at the moment and staying home streaming more often, we get to see more fun stuff on a personal level with pro players.

NiKo Gets Funny Suprise

When NiKo streams CS:GO, he’s not like many other pros who just like to have a little fun and play around. He’s very tuned in and focused in every match. He doesn’t let anything slip and given the opportunity for someone to kill him easily. As such, you can see how focused he is watching his screen, of course, until this happened.

As NiKo was focused on his next kill, Coldzera, NiKo’s teammate on FaZe Clan popped his head at the bottom of the doorway and shocked NiKo. It’s quite a funny moment given how NiKo was really into the match and then startled by Coldzera’s prank. Coldzera found it pretty funny as well laughing out loud. In times when players are stuck together more than ever due to COVID-19, we can imagine the number of jokes and pranks that happen off-camera.

Some players have rules in place where they don’t want to be bothered while streaming because it will break their concentration, but given that NiKo’s a laid back guy, he doesn’t mind it. Although he was startled by Coldzera’s presence. We’re hoping that there will be more of Coldzera stream-bombing his teammates while everyone is waiting for things to cool down and get back to normal.

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