Nick Eh 30 Gains 250,000 Followers In His First Day On Twitch

Nick Eh 30 Gains 250,000 On His First Day On Twitch
  • Twitch invited one of YouTube Gaming’s biggest streamers, Nick Eh 30, to their platform. In his first day, he gains nearly 250,000 followers.

Who is Nick Eh 30?

Nicholas Teddy Amyoony, known by his popular online name “Nick Eh 30” is a Canadian streamer and professional Fortnite player. Nick Eh 30 started off his streaming career making content for “The Last of Us” and gained awareness in the community. Additionally, Nick did MLG parodies and funny moments which gained traction on YouTube. But the boost in his following came when he started doing videos for Resident Evil 7 and Uncharted 4. At that point, he had around 50,000 followers and when he switched to Fortnite in 2017, he blew up.

Most of the popular streamers online have boosted their popularity from Fortnite. Because the game has hundreds of millions of players around the world, it would be smart to play a game where you can get noticed quickly. Nowadays it’s a little harder, however, still doable. Nick Eh 30 would compete in Fortnite tournaments with his partner One_shot_GURL and together set a PC squad kill record of 53 (beaten by Tfue later on).


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On February 6, 2019, Nick Eh 30 hit the milestone of 4 million subscribers on YouTube, his go-to platform for streaming. With Nick Eh 30’s success, he gives credit to PewDiePie for shouting out his YouTube channel in a 2015 contest.

“Hey @pewdiepie, remember when you shouted out my channel over 2 years ago? You picked me out of the thousands of channels that entered your contest. Thanks for seeing something in my channel, and, in a way, believing I could become successful. I made it, dad.” – Nick Eh 30

Twitch Invites Nick Eh 30

Nick Eh 30 recently made a big announced via Instagram that he was “taking the next step” and that the “Eh Team” was coming to Twitch. He has always streamed on YouTube Gaming, and with a following of 4 million +, it was a move by Twitch that made complete sense. Ninja, Twitch’s biggest streamer on their platform left to go to mixer, a competitor to Twitch. This created a major void for Twitch has Ninja was the poster boy for them. Having more than 14 million followers, Ninja was the biggest name in the streaming world. Now that he has left, Twitch would need to consider bringing in other talents, and what better place than to look at YouTube Gaming. Although Twitch doesn’t have any issues sustaining itself as the leader for streaming, they would need to keep things fresh and add new popular faces to their line-up.

Nick Eh 30 finally made his way to Twitch yesterday.

Nick showed off his rebranding as well as a new intro video for his fans. He went over what his plans were on the platform as well as thanking everyone that helped make this all happen. One interesting thing to notice was the number of followers Nick Eh 30 gained in less than 24 hours.

Nick Eh 30 Gains 250,000 On His First Day On Twitch

On his first day on Twitch, Nick gained close to 250,000 followers. It’s an impressive number consider than some of the most popular streamers in the world get that in just one month. However, Nick has a strong following, and his userbase on YouTube knew that he was going to Twitch, so it only makes sense that he would have such a massive boost on his first day on Twitch. Regardless, it’s still an impressive number and he sits 2nd behind Bugha (Fornite Solo Champion) on TwitchMetrics.

Nick Eh 30 Twitch Metrics Stats Day 1
Twitch Metrics

It will be interesting to see how the new few weeks carry out and if Nick would be able to pass Bugha for 1st place for the month of September. Still, it’s an impressive first showing for Nick.

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