Nadeshot Explains Why Shroud and Ninja Moved to Mixer

Nadeshot Explained Why Shroud and Ninja Moved to Mixer
  • 100 Thieves founder and popular streamer, Nadeshot, explained why Shroud and Ninja transferred to Mixer from Twitch.

Streaming platforms have grown substantially over the years, and the two biggest ones specifically for gaming would be Twitch and Mixer. YouTube Gaming is definitely right behind the two big heavy hitters. There a lot of companies trying to engage with this increasing popularity of streamers and esports players utilizing these platforms, however, it is not always easy. Mixer is a product of Microsoft, while Twitch is Amazon, Mixer did not get any recognition for a long time and it took a while for them to get on the map.

Since Twitch had the majority of viewers and the most popular streamers and esports players, Mixer was falling short of brand awareness. Therefore, they made huge investments towards acquiring streamers like Ninja and Shroud to stream under the Mixer banner. However, things did not go as planned. While we are sure that Mixer was not expecting to pass Twitch in popularity, we are sure that they were at least expecting some return. According to Nadeshot, Ninja and Shroud made the right deal and gained more than Mixer by transferring from Twitch.

Ninja and Shroud have contracts now, this was not the case before. When we take a look at the general streamer, they do not have contracts as they only earn money from their viewers (ad rev and subscriptions). This changed with Ninja and Shroud’s move to Mixer. Instead of worrying about viewer counts, they chose to get a contract per month. Nadeshot explains that they made the right choice even though their have numbers dropped significantly, in the end it’s worth it. According to Ninja and Shroud, this is the same thing. Shroud stated that he does not worry about numbers anymore, he knows that the people who are watching him are actual supporters of him.

Nadeshot Shares His Thoughts

During an episode of the popular “The Courage & Nddeshot Show”, Dr Lupo appeared as a special guest and the topic on the conversation was that of Ninja and Shrouds move to Mixer. In a nutshell, Nadeshot summed it up, calling it a great move by both ex-professional gamers:

“The money that they’re making now is generational wealth. They are going to be able to take care of their family, their kids, their kids-kids. For I don’t know for how long. Just to make this sacrifice.”

Streaming wars will continue further since we know that Youtube and Activision signed an exclusivity esports contract; the war is fought on a tournament level. Esports is one of the least affected sectors in the current global pandemic. Most of the tournaments are played online instead of live events. This also generated more viewers for the tournaments since most of us are at home. Exclusivity contracts will be more and more important, because, whoever gets the deal, they will pull viewers towards their channel. Maybe this is what Mixer should have done instead of chasing streamers.

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