MuTeX Gets Beat by Magician in Black Ops 4?

Esports MuTeX Gets Beat by Magician in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 CWL
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MuTex was playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 with his buddy zChaBouD, specifically in a CWL Search & Destroy match. They were down four games to one. With Mutex being the last one standing something strange happened.

Who is MuTex

Charlie “MuTeX” Saouma, also known as DaddyMuMu on PSN is a professional Call of Duty player from Canada. He is currently a free agent but has played on teams such as Fatal Ambition, Lethal Gaming and his last team, Legicide which does not exist anymore.

Charlie, while under the name “DaddyMuMu” plays only Search & Destroy on the PlayStation 4. He once partook in the Cineplex WorldGaming 2016 Canadian Championship in Toronto where he finished 16th place. The game type was Free for All which included combine, infection, Fringe and Haunted. It was a best of 1 series (elimination basically) with many item restrictions. Prize pool was $43,100 for the entire event.

One of his best achievements included finishing 2nd place at the EGLX in 2016 with team Avantic bringing in $3000.

MuTeX on Twitch

Charlie now streams on Twitch almost every day, where he has 66,000+ followers. You can catch him there streaming Call of Duty Black Ops 4 playing competitively in CWL scheduled play. He also has a twitter account where’s he’s quite active, posting his start times and game play updates.

Magician or Bad Timing?

During one of MuTex’s Black Ops 4 streams he was playing with his buddy, zChaBouD in a CWL Search & Destroy match. The duo was playing on Hacienda where they were down four games to one. Nothing seemed to be going Charlie and zChaBouD’s way as the other team seemed to get many lucky breaks as you can see in this clip here.

What happened?

MuTex was the last man standing, moving away from the bomb site after it was planted to see where he can catch the enemy. While moving away from the bomb site in the hallways of the mansion, MuTex headed towards the grand entrance of the stairwell 2nd floor trying to find the enemy.

As he turns he gets jumped and goes down without shooting off his weapon. Instantly MuTez was in disbelief as he didn’t see the enemy at all. MuTex was heard saying,

“Wait what? I didn’t see him!”

Esports MuTeX Gets Beat by Magician in Call of Duty Black Ops 4
Image source:

Did MuTex get beat by a magician who just appeared out of thin air? After a closer look at the reply it seems that it was all just bad timing on MuTex’s side, as well as no help from his partner zChaBouD. What seemed to happen was that the enemy  turned the hallway just as MuTex turned towards the staircase on the 2nd floor. And when MuTex took a glimpse back waiting, moving back and fourth to anticipate any glance of the enemy, he gets killed instantly without realizing what happened.

It’s happened to all of us. Once second difference between seeing the enemy and when you get killed it makes no sense. It seems as if this was a problem with the duo as MuTex can be heard saying “Why didn’t you call it out? I told you yesterday”, meaning that when zChaBouD was in spectator mode, he should have called out any sightings of the enemy.

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