Most Awkward Streaming Moment? Streamer Gets Yelled At For Not Washing Hands

Most Awkward Streamer Moment Streamer Gets Yelled At For Not Washing Hands

If you’re not aware of how serious Covid-19 is, you’re not tuning in to the news and keeping up with the stats. Although there are demographics that have been hit harder than others, it’s still necessary to keep yourself safe at all times no matter how healthy you think you are. Not only do you need to be aware of what’s going on outside, you also need to be aware of some of the dangers that can happen inside your home. Recently during Nmplol’s stream, his girlfriend wasn’t too happy with his “streaming hygiene”.

Who is Nmplol?

Nick “Nmplol” Polom is a Twitch streamer who primarily plays World of Warcraft as well as doing vlogs. The 29-year-old from Michigan started off posting to Instagram in 2013, and moved to Twitch where he has 400,000 followers. Nmplol gained many followers from playing games like H1Z1 and League of Legends, hence the lol in his name. His recent streams are from the popular new battle royale game, Call of Duty Warzone. When Nmplol isn’t gaming, he streams on the Twitch category, “Just Chatting“, with his girlfriend Malena.

Most Awkward Streamer Moment Ever?

During a time when everyone should be staying home, many streamers are taking the opportunity to stream their daily lives by showcasing it in the Twitch category “Just Chatting”. During Nmplol’s recent stream, he and his girlfriend Malenatudi were cooking in the kitchen and preparing something while streaming the whole process. While Malenatudi was preparing the corn, Nmplol was preparing the meat. He then left his station and went over to the keyboard to type something to his viewers. Then this happened:

As Nmplol was going to type something, his girlfriend said, “Before you start, do me a favor. Back away. Unplug the keyboard and turn it off.” Nmplol looked back at his girlfriend in confusion and said why? Little did he know that his girlfriend wasn’t playing around. “Just do it” Malena continued. But Nmplol kept resisting.

He wasn’t sure what was going on, but anyone who cooks in the kitchen a lot knows not to touch raw meat and transfer the bacteria to other surfaces because someone can get seriously sick. This is called cross-contamination and raw meat contains harmful bacteria. However, Nmplol didn’t know this. As he disconnected the keyboard and handed it to his girlfriend, Malena told him to go wash his hands.

“You’re touching raw meat and then you’re touching the keyboard dude”.

It then clicked for Nmplol as he heated towards the sink to wash his hands. However, it wasn’t good enough for Malenatudi since he didn’t use soap. She said, “this is how people get sick”, and Nmplol replied, “well I don’t get sick”. That’s when she lost her cool and yelled at Nmplol to, “WASH YOUR HANDS”.

Malenatudi yelling at Nmplol on Twitch streaming

It can be quite embarrassing to get yelled at while you’re streaming, especially if you aren’t aware of the dangers of transferring harmful bacteria from raw meats. Malenatudi wasn’t playing around saying she didn’t want to get sick from that. We can’t blame her because not only are they self-isolating from the Coronavirus, but now she has to be careful about harmful bacteria from cross-contamination because of her boyfriend.

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