Meet NRG Dizzy. What We Know About Him from TwitchCon

What We Know About NRG Dizzy from TwitchCon

One of the best Apex Legends players in the world is NRG Dizzy. He recently went to TwitchCon in Berlin where we got to see a candid side of him. Is Dizzy who he says he is? Does he have super powers that makes him so great? Meet NRG Dizzy below.

TwitchCon Berlin

Recently, Twitch had it’s annual “TwitchCon”. For those who aren’t familiar with the event, TwitchCon is a video game focused event. Attendees get to play exclusive video games see some amazing shows and even see other attendees in cosplay. It’s truly a world of fun if you’re a gamer. But the best part of TwitchCon is that you’re able to meet and greet popular Twitch streamers. Many fans go to Twitch because their favorite streamer will be at a booth where they get to talk and ask questions, as well as take pictures.


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This year TwitchCon went overseas for the first time in Berlin. The Apex Legends Challenge also headed over to TwitchCon with some of the best Apex Legends players in the world. NRG Dizzy was one of those players.

What We Know About NRG Dizzy from TwitchCon

After NRG Dizzy finished the Apex Legends challenge, he headed over to the “meet and greet” area to meet up with another popular Twitch streamer by the name of GreekGodx. Although NRG Dizzy didn’t come in first place with his NRG squad in the event, he still seemed to be in good spirits.

At one point, GreekGodx was waiting for Dizzy and realized that he had to go pull him out from the crowd because Dizzy didn’t have a VIP sticker. It was a hilarious moment as the best Apex Legends player in the world was at the end of a meet and greet line. Nonetheless, Greek got Dizzy and headed back to the Twitch booth to have a chat with him. During their waiting period, GreekGodx was asking Dizzy a bunch of personal questions. It was interesting because the questions were quite personal, and fans of the stream were able to see a side of Dizzy that they wouldn’t see else whee. Here’s what we know about Dizzy.

Money’s Not an Issue

Dizzy just signed with esports organization NRG. He signed with them at the beginning of February when Apex Legends was released. Dizzy became incredibly popular when he was the first player to reach level 100 in the game. This news spread like wild fire, and NRG was quick enough to sign Dizzy to a contract. Dizzy would be a content creator for NRG, as well as participate in official esports events. We can then assume that Dizzy is making a monthly salary which would be typical as an esports player (read How Much Money Does An Average CS:GO Player Make?). But that’s not the catch.

GreeGodx asked Dizzy how much money he won coming in 2nd place. Dizzy responded saying “$41,000”. Because Dizzy was playing with two other NRG players, the pot was split into three, which comes out to be $13,6666.67. If NRG Esports doesn’t take a cut from that, then it’s a sweet deal for Dizzy and his gang.

What Will He Do With His Prize Money?

GreekGodx doesn’t shy away from asking personal questions. And matching that is Dizzy, answering everything GreekGodx is shooting his way. At one point in their conversation, Greek asks Dizzy,

“So what are you going to do with all your prize man money?”

Dizzy responds saying he’s going to “save it“, which is quite responsible of Dizzy. But Greek suggests that Dizzy should buy a house. If he’s making all this money, that perhaps now is the time to start thinking of moving into his own home. But Dizzy seems to have made up his mind about what he will eventually buy saying “a mansion“.  It’s quite a big move to move from a home you’ve grown up in, to a new mansion. However, we know Dizzy was joking around. Or was he?

Dizzy Doesn’t Do Drugs

GreekGodx eventually got to a more personal question while waiting for the TwitchCon line to calm down. He asked Dizzy he is smokes weed.

GreekGodx: “Do you smoke weed?”

NRG Dizzy: “No.”

GreekGodx: “Let’s go to Cali bro and smoke. You down? Sit on the beach together and smoke? Get a few puffs you know. The dragons breath. The devil’s lettuce, yes, you already know.”

GreekGodx was obviously playing around with Dizzy, and Dizzy was just having fun with the convo. One thing we all know for sure if that Dizzy doesn’t do drugs.

Dizzy Will Be Returning to TwitchCon

Although NRG Dizzy and his squad finished in 2nd place, it seems like he had a lot of fun at TwitchCon. He was able to make some decent earnings, as well as meet some friends like GreekGodx at TwitchCon. We know for sure that Dizzy will continue to attend TwitchCon, and we’re looking forward to it.

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