Meet Aspen, Young Streamer And Future Overwatch Player

Meet Aspen, Young Streamer And Future Overwatch Player
  • As a young and passionate Overwatch player, the young girl from Minnesota, known as Aspen, decided to give a shot and start streaming. Right now she has more than 160,000 followers and she is one of Top 30 Overwatch streamers.

Getting Involved In A Cruel Industry At A Young Age

Although streaming games on Twitch seems like a low-stress job that everyone dreams about, it has many downsides that are not obvious. The fact that you cannot see downsides of streaming at first glance makes it even more dangerous.

Yes, streaming can be a full-time job right now, and you can make a real fortune from it. However, the path from streaming for free to make an actual living is very long. It can be a nightmare while you are trying to make a breakthrough in a fiercely competitive world where everyone is trying to attract as much attention as possible to gain followers. On top of that, the resources (audience in this case), are not infinite. Each game has its own audience and you hardly can attract fans of other games to your channel that is “specialized” for one game.

Exceptions are those with intriguing personalities and those who are so famous that everyone will watch them regardless of the game they play; best example would be Dr Disrespect.

On top of everything mentioned, you never know if you will succeed or fail in the end. There are tens of thousands of Twitch partners who started streaming hoping they can make a living from the most popular streaming platform. But only a few hundred succeeded in accomplishing such a feat.

So, taking a leap of faith and kicking off in such fierce competition is a real challenge for someone as young as Aspen was when she started. She was only 16 years old.

Who is Aspen?

Becca Rukavina, known as Aspen is an 18 year old Overwatch streamer from Minnesota, USA. As a person, she is very calm and open-minded. Her passion for the Overwatch is huge.

Of course, as most of the passionate gamers, in the beginning, she also had strict parents who weren’t fine with her playing Overwatch. According to Aspen, her mother was telling her that she needed to do something. In other words, she needed to find a job of some kind. So, Aspen saw a perfect chance for her to start streaming. Streaming can be a job, she thought. So, why to not give it a shot? Additionally, her friends were also telling her she should do it, so he decided to try it out.

Naturally, it was hard at the beginning, but she gradually grew and eventually, she managed to find a partner to support her. Aspen contacted famous organization, Cloud9 and they thought it was a great idea to make a partnership with Aspen whose channel was growing.

As she was growing on Twitch, she decided to leave high school. So, she enrolled in Online school where she is trying to graduate. As she says, her favorite subject was biology, and she was generally a good student.

The Story Behind Her Name And Beginning Of A Professional Career

When Aspen was asked how she got her name on Twitch, Aspen said she always liked that name. Her intention was to name her dog ‘Aspen’, but she didn’t, so she just took that name. Speaking of dogs, she really likes her dog called Kita.

According to Aspen’s words, she loves Overwatch that sometimes she prefers to play the game rather than to sleep. How big is Aspen’s passion for the game? Let’s just say she has 4,000 hours in the game.

Given that Aspen improved her game so much over time, she decided to turn pro. At the moment, she is looking for her first Overwatch team. However, Aspen already had some experience in playing Overwatch for prize money. Recently, she took part in a small event called Twitch rivals. She won fifth place and $2,100. Moreover, as she decided to turn pro, she parted ways with Cloud9 as a streamer. According to Aspen’s words, she is trying to play the game as much as she can and to prepare herself for the next season.

Although Aspen primarily streams Overwatch, she occasionally streams other games such as Fortnite. What her fans also know is that she likes to dye her hair and change the color from time to time.

Furthermore, Aspen really loves popular anime, Pokemon. She uses sounds from anime as notification sounds when someone subscribes to her channel or when someone donates money to her.

She is also active on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. There, she informs her fans and followers about what’s going on in her life. Also, Aspen has a YouTube channel where she uploads stream highlights.

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