Maximilian Dood Tells Kenny to Entertain Chat. This Happens Next

Maximilian Dood Tells Kenny to Entertain Chat. This Happens Next
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Maximilian Dood loves his fighting games, and on occasion he invites his best friend Kenny during his live streams. This time Maximilian Dood had to step away from the camera and asked Kenny to take over. What happens next is hilarious.

Who is Maximilian Dood

Streamers come in every shape and form, from the end of the planet and every gaming genre. Lucky for us we have Maximilian Dood who focuses his efforts on Fighting Games. His love for fighting games is what made him start his Twitch stream and Youtube channel, to keep fighting lovers up-to-date on whats coming out. He also has a huge following over at Twitter, which posts a lot of photos that he doesn’t post anywhere else.

Maximilian Christiansen, known as Maximilian Dood is known for his video game series called “Online Warrior, Assist Me!” and “Boss Rage“. He started creating videos on YouTube since 2007, where he would post tournament gameplay of Street Fighter III and 4. However, Maximilian Dood also loved Call of Duty and would integrate that into his video, doing commentary for Modern Warfare (2007), Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops.

Maximilian Dood Twitch Stream Youtube Gamer Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Fighting Game
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He currently has a twitch stream with close to 600,000 followers and a Youtube channel with close to 1 million subscribers. It’s an impressive number, and well earned since he has been consistently putting out videos since 2007. His activity in the fighting world has made him a prominent fighting in the Fighting Genre Community.

Noticeably, Maximilian Dood was the commendator for EVO 2014 to 2016 Killer Instinct Top 8 Finals, and commentator for the KI World Cup in 2017-2017.

Maximilian Dood Tells Kenny to Entertain Chat. This Happens Next

During one of Maximilian Dood’s live streams, he had his partner in crime, Kenny, who was sitting by him. At one point during the live stream Maximilian Dood was getting a littler thirsty and decided to go for the healthiest choice; that being tea. Maximilian Dood then quickly says he’s going to make some team and then gets up to say:

“Kenny entertain the chat. The cameras on you.”

This is where thing’s got funny. Kenny isn’t typically use to having a camera with thousands of viewers watching just him. He’s always with Maximilian Dood who’s leading the show and doing all the commentary with Kenny stepping in and giving his inputs. When Maximilian Dood told Kenny to take over and entertain the chat, dancing is what came to Kenny’s mind instantly:

Maximilian Dood Twitch Stream Kenny Dancing on Camera
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Kenny started to dance for 10 seconds, showing off his rico suave moves, waving his arms around, giving the everyone a lesson on how it’s done when the spotlight is one you. Then Maximilian Dood can be heard saying, “what are you doing” for which Kenny replies “dancing to this song”.

What makes this scene hilarious is what Maximilian Dood meant by “entertaining the chat” was to discuss about Mortal Kombat news and to give his input, not to dance. The confusion was cleared up quickly and Kenny goes right back into discussing fighting news.

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