Marley Barbie Makes Sexual Reference During Blackout Stream

Marley Barbie Makes Sexual Reference During Blackout Stream
Image source: Instagram

Marley Barbie was on her Twitch account playing Call of Duty Blackout. In the middle of the match, after she killed two opponents makes a sexual reference and doesn’t realize what she said until afterwards.

Marley Barbie Multi-talented Call of Duty Streamer

Call of Duty streamer, Marley Barbie (aka Kelli) is a professional streamer as well as an Instagram model. She even has her own Patreon where she creates “very nice looking photos” (mature audiences only!). If anyone follows Marley Barbie on any of her social media pages, they’ll quickly realize that she loves selfies. She keeps all of her followers up-to-date with new poses daily.

What else does Marley Barbie do?

Besides Marley Barbie being photogenic, she’s also a very good Call of Duty Black Ops player. She currently has 113,000 followers (and growing!). Marley Barbie plays both Call of Duty Blackout as well as Black Ops 4. She’s currently Maxed Prestiged (Max Echelon) and continues to reach for higher highs.

You can catch her on Instagram, Twitter and on YouTube.

Marley Barbie wasn’t able to continue Blackout after what she said

During one of her streams, Marley Barbie was playing Blackout with pWndByAcHIcK69, Dumb_Beaver11 and Grim_Motive. At one point she only had a .45 caliber pistol equipped, which is a high powered gun and can kill quickly close range. As she starts to move into different rooms she spots an enemy where she quickly takes him out. She wasn’t done there, as she notices a fallen enemy outside from a window, and takes him out with a few shots.

One of her teammates say: “One by me and there’s one in that other building coming at me”. Marley Barbie  then says: “He is coming on me?“. She then starts to burst out laughing after she realized what she said.

She’s only human

Her teammates didn’t seem to react to that statement as they were probably shocked as well. This is most likely because they knew she was live streaming and that came out). Needless to say, live streams are unpredictable and you’ll never know what to expect, such as the time where NICKMERCS Shares his thoughts on the Emote Lawsuits now happening with Fortnite. Streamers all have a character they portray (some might disagree with that). But streamers are as human as you and I and have their own opinions, or in this case, inappropriate remarks that is not planned.  But unplanned events during a live stream is what we all love to see because they are not predictable.

Marley Barbie Call of Duty Streamer Blackout Twitch Instagram
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Let’s hope to see more unpredictable moments from our favorite streamers!

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