Ludwig Claims He Can Take on HasanAb From Twitch In A Fistfight

Ludwig Claims He Can Take on HasanAb From Twitch In A Fistfight

Ludwig made a fun tier list showing all the popular streamers he can and cannot fight in real life.

Ludwig making a tier list of streamers and figures from the Twitch community during his Livestream. He was talking about how he would be able to easily take on HasanAbi in a straight-on fight. Ludwig does consider himself to be the underdog but he does have a few tricks up his sleeve that he went on in detail to talk about.

In the rest of the tier list, he talks about other streamers including the recently banned popular megastar, Dr. Disrespect. On his stream he mentioned that Dr. Disrespect would beat him 100%. After all, he is the two-time back to back champion! Despite Dr Disrespect’s ban, he has been very popular in recent times and has exploded on YouTube. We still do not know if his ban was justified or not as both Twitch and the Doc have remained silent on the matter.

Ludwig also talked about XQC and Moonmoon and claimed that he would beat them comfortably. XQC and Moonmoon grew on Twitch because of Overwatch. XQC is one of the most popular streamers on the platform right now and he has been getting upwards of 20,000 viewers in most of his streams. Moonmoon has been experiencing similar highs as well. But despite their stature, they do not seem to flinch Ludwig and the upstart streamer firmly believes that he can take both the behemoths down very easily.

GM Hikaru was placed in the middle of the list and Ludwig is unsure if he will be able to beat him or not. The grandmaster chess player has been seeing noticeable growth in recent times. His stream blew up in particular following the death of Reckful. GM Hikaru is one of the few people close to Reckful and was emotionally devastated at the death of the popular streamer.

Among other streamers he put on the list he said he will lose to Tyler1 for sure. Tyler1 is an infamous League of Legends streamer known for his “toxic” personality. While many consider him to be toxic, he is still one of the strongest looking dudes on Twitch. Streamers he put himself as an underdog in include GreekGodX, Tfue, and TimTheTatman.

The tier list is pretty fun to look at. If you want to check out the full list, see the Twitter post above. It is very likely that some of your favorite streamers have been included on the list.  The tier list is just for entertainment value and fans should not take it too seriously.

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