JokerdTV Experiences Bad Karma After Making Fun Of Bald Streamer

JokerdTV Experiences Bad Karma After Making Fun Of Bald Streamer
  • JokerdTV was making fun of ItsSlikeR after being called ugly, however, karma caught up to him. Watch what happens when he continued to play World of Warcraft Classic.

ItsSlikeR Sending Shots?

Popular streamer ItsSlikeR sent a few shots towards JokerdTv during one of his recent streams. While scrolling through Reddit, he started to talk about JokerdTV, calling him ugly. JokerdTV recently did a face reveal on his Twitch channel after he became incredibly popular for being the first World of Warcraft Classic player to reach level 60. As ItsSlikeR continued, he said that he couldn’t believe Kandyland, another popular female streamer moved to JokerdTV over him. He said, “Dude, can I say something? JokerdTV. Ugly.” He then continued with, “You ugly as f***, how the hell did Kandy choose him?“.

ItsSlikeR then took off his headset and looked into the camera saying,

“You can beat a person with this much beautifulism.”

JokerdTV Responds To ItsSlikeR

During one of JokerdTV’s recent streams, his chat brought to his attention the ItsSlikeR clip above. JokerdTV was unaware of the clip and shared his thoughts about ItsSlikeR. He started off comparing the two, saying that he can grow his hair but that SlikeR can’t. Jokereed also threw a bunch about ItsSlikeR’s height saying that he also can’t grow his height.

“I’m only temporarily bald, you’re permanently bald dude.”

Here’s the clip of his reaction:

JokerdTV then closed the Twitch clip and continued playing WoW while shaking his head to SlikeR’s comments. As he continued playing WoW, his notorious gnome character fell into a glitch. As he was climbing up a hill, he fell into an odd spot and realized right away that he was in trouble. He tried to jump out of the spot he was stuck in, trying different angles, and even trying to cast a spell to push him above the hill. However, nothing was working, and JokerdTV quickly realized that he just hit bad karma after talking bad about ItsSlikeR’s hair and height. He then looked to the chat and read what one follower wrote:

“Karma is a b****”

Maybe Joker will choose his words wisely next time? Probably not, but his reaction was hilarious and we can’t wait to see more from these two streamers.

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