JokerdTV Does Face Reveal During World Of Warcraft. Viewers Think He Lives In A Prison Cell.

JokerdTV Does Face Reveal During World Of Warcraft Streamer
  • Popular WoW streamer JokerdTV finally does a face reveal for his 125,000 followers. His fans reactions are hilarious.

World Of Warcraft Level 60

Popular WoW streamer, JokerdTV (@Jokereed) was the first World of Warcraft Classic player to get a level cap of 60, which was celebrated by players around the world. The 22 year old streamer from Malta created a gnome mage character for the event and he streamed it all on Twitch. According to Eurogamer, his stream peaked at 350,000 viewers when he hit the level cap. JokerdTV instantly became immortalized after this event as no other player was able to complete this feat. When he hit level 60, JokerdTV teleported to the city of Stormwind where he was met with “even great celebration“. He was met by other players online who were also witnessing his triumph.

Due to the subject at hand and the storm is created, many viewers started to take note that JokerdTV doesn’t have any picture of himself online. He doesn’t have any picture on his Twitter account and especially not on Twitch, not until recently.

JokerdTV Does Face Reveal During World Of Warcraft

During JokerdTV’s recent stream, he finally revealed himself to the World of Warcraft community, and to his 125,000+ followers on Twitch. As he started his stream, he had his signature gnore image that he was using on his social media channels. As the viewers were anticipating the face reveal, Jokereed finally sat in his chai for everyone to see. Watch JokerdTV’s face reveal below:

He started off with, “Are you ready chat?”. He then sat down in his chair with a big smile and adjust the camera a bit so that everyone would see him. Finally, the WoW Classic player who accomplished the incredible feat of reaching level 60 revealed himself to the world. Now his fans were able to tie a face to the name.

The fun didn’t just end there, viewers were making all kinds of light jokes, teasing JokerdTV for finally coming out. But the funniest thing was when one viewer thought he was living in a Jail Cell. JokerdTV replied back to the chat saying, “Yes, it is my bedroom“. He then took his camera and started showing the viewers room, giving a candid glimpse into his life.

“Look, this is my bedroom.”

Now that fans can see Jokereed, this can only mean that he’ll have more engagement with his chat as they now feel they are speaking to a real person. Although they always heard his voice, nothing beats seeing someone in full.

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