Jinny Is Setting a Bad Example of Adhering to COVID Guidelines on Twitch

Jinny Is Setting a Bad Example of Adhering to COVID Guidelines on Twitch

Because of issues concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitch streamer Jinnytty announced that she would be leaving the US to return to Korea during a stream on February 5. Jinnytty started her channel in November 2017 and has since accrued over 500,000 followers, regularly streaming Just Chatting sessions. Jinny and another streamer, Yugwha0901, came from Korea in early 2020 with the intention of traveling around the States. the 2 were ready to make it to a couple of big cities including Austin and San Francisco before the pandemic flared and therefore the country began major lockdown procedures. Since then, Jinny has been staying with Twitch streamer EsfandTV in Austin, Texas where the pair are making plenty of chaotic content together.

But on February 5th, Jinny announced that she would be leaving Texas and returning to Korea within the midst of the pandemic. There are several reasons for this decision, Jinnytty explains, one among which is because she and her brother didn’t come to the States to be inside all the time. Rather, they came with the intention to travel and do road trips round the country. In comparison, as a rustic, Korea has handled COVID-19 quite differently from the US . The government has implemented strict lockdown procedures country-wide, including mask-wearing and social distancing but also limiting who comes and goes from Korea’s borders, firm 2-week quarantine periods, and required daily self-reporting of symptoms. It’s going to sound stringent, but it’s resulted in most of Korea’s attractions like bars, restaurants, and even nightclubs staying open, a stark contrast to more populous cities within the States. But pandemic-related problems aren’t the sole cause to Jinny returning to Korea. The Twitch streamer came to the States as a tourist and doesn’t have a piece visa, so she must leave soon anyway. “I decide to come within the summer, so i used to be gonna leave anyway by the top of February in order that I can come in summer, right?”

Finally, during her Just Chatting session, Jinny explains that she doesn’t want to be a “burden” on Esfand, but adds “it’s not like I’m leaving forever. I’m returning whenever things are better,” before getting emotional on stream. But her viewers were very supportive of her, reassuring her that she’s not a burden, but the heartfelt messages make Jinny cry even more. “There’s nothing I could do,” Jinny summarizes things. “I mean, all things considered, I feel this is often the simplest way.”

Mizkif Shares His Thoughts

After Twitch streamer Jinny announced on stream that she would be leaving the US, fellow streamer Mizkif explained why he and therefore the OTK (One True King) collective had agreed with the choice for Jinny to go away Esfand’s house, where she has been living in Texas. Jinny may be a hugely popular Korean streamer, gaining over 550,000 followers on Twitch since she started in 2017. In March 2020 she moved into fellow streamer Esfand’s home as a results of the worldwide health crisis, and since then has made an excellent deal of content with him.

Esfand is a component of a streamer collective called OTK (One True King,) which also includes streamers like Mizkif and Asmongold. On February 5, Jinny announced on stream that she would be leaving the US after performing some traveling. She explained that was getting to had to go away for visa-related reasons anyway but had plans to return within the summer – though now she doesn’t know when she is going to return.

Her various reasons for leaving, additionally to her visa, included that her brother didn’t come to the US to be inside all the time, saying that they might be be “coming back when things are better.” OTK’s Mizkif discussed Jinny’s tearful explanation on stream, and explained why he and other members of the group felt she needed to go away, despite “liking her tons .” Mizkif goes on to elucidate why the group is especially sensitive to people obeying the principles currently, as, “Asmon’s mom is super sick, Tips just had a baby, Russell has the system of a toddler .”

He added that “she just flew in her brother, and other people got upset about it. She thinks it’s best, and that we think it’s best for her to travel home. I feel really bad for Esfand.” Jinny mentioned in her stream that she discussed her decision tons with Esfand, so it seems that her leaving mutually suits everyone for the nonce. Jinny has not revealed any intended date for her US return, because the situation is currently impossible to predict. Jinny and other content creators on Twitch should strive to do better on Twitch as they cater to an audience of thousands of viewers every day and setting the wrong examples to a young audience can hurt them a lot. Hopefully, she uses the incident as a learning lesson for the future.

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