Itssliker Frags Shroud In Impressive Round, But Still Loses 2v2.

Itssliker Frags Shroud In Impressive Round, But Still Loses 2v2.

One of the best players in the world in Shroud. He’s an ex-professional player for Team Liquid who turned to the world of streaming to get away from the demanding life of an esports player. Traveling around the world and following a strict schedule can take a toll on anyone, no matter the age. Shroud was one of the first esports players to do this move and since then, he’s been one of the most popular streamers in the world.

Streamers Playing MW

Since Modern Warfare has come out, we’ve been seeing some amazing clips from streamers around the globe. Players who are considered Fortnite loyalists turned to play Modern Warfare, and have continued playing the game since it’s release in October. Due to many popular streamers leaving Fortnite, the viewership has dropped significantly for the game. However, Modern Warfare has seen a spike in viewership and continues strong on Twitch.

Shroud Does 2v2 Vs mOE Tv and itssliker

One of the most popular streamers in the world, Shroud, recently did a 2v2 with his buddy Bnans, taking on two other popular streamers MOE Tv and itssliker. mOE Tv and itssliker typically don’t play Call of Duty games on their streams, but have recently started playing Modern Warfare together. They decided to team up against Shroud and Bnans for some friendly, but heated 2v2. Throughout the maps, Shroud was being Shroud, dominating the floor with his partner. On the last map, both teams played on King, which is part of the 2v2 mode in MW.

Shroud and Bnans were up by 3, making it look like it was going to be a wash. Although Shroud and Bnans ended up winning in the end, sweeping mOE Tv and itssliker, there was a moment in the last map that looked like mOE Tv and itssliker were going to come back and it all started with an incredible 1v1 moment where itssliker killed Shroud with finesse. Shroud dies also, so it’s not like he’s unbeatable. However, it’s very hard to kill Shroud when it’s a straight 1v1 and itssliker did was few can do, and that’s beat Shroud in a straight 1v1. Here’s the clip below.

The round started with itssliker throwing a nade over mid and hitting Bnans with it. Shroud ended up taking mOE TV down quickly which lead to the 1v1. At this moment, itssliker turned on his spidey sense and started anticipating Shroud. As he quickly ran out into the open, he then double-backed and stood on a crate to give his leverage with his aim. That’s when Shroud popped up and noticed itssliker last second on top of the crate. He then get’s put down and itssliker couldn’t even believe it himself, showing a sign of relief. MOE TV couldn’t believe that he just beat Shroud like that and congratulated him:

You just 1v1’d Shroud. You’re better than him at everything. Better hairline better everything” – mOE Tv

Of course, both streamers knew that it’s a moment they wouldn’t see too often when playing against Shroud and had to savor the moment. In the end, Shroud was still clutch and pulled off the win, making both Moe and Itsslicker leave the game.

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