Is Tfue And CorinnaKopf Dating? Corinna Answers That In Her Recent Stream

Is Tfue And Corinna Dating CorinnaKopf Answers That On Her Recent Stream
  • One of the biggest questions in the streamer world is if Tfue and Corinna are dating again. Rumors have been floating around, but CorinnaKopf finally gives an answer to that in her recent stream. Find out the details below.

A lot Going On With Tfue

There’s has been a lot that has been happening in Tfue’s world lately. Consider one of the best Fortnite Battle Royale players in the world, Tfue was once part of one of the most popular esports organizations out there; FaZe Clan. However, he recently filed a lawsuit against the organization, citing an “oppressive contract”. The news made headlines and it brought up a serious discussion with how esports players are treated in their organization. By no means is FaZe Clan a bad employer. In fact, not only do they take care of their content creators/staff/esports players, they do good in the community and hold charity events. But, for some way shape or form, Tfue and FaZe Clan have not met eye-to-eye, and they are currently trying to settle things. No other details has emerged from the lawsuit, but Tfue is carrying on with his life.

He recently moved in with his best friend Cloakzy, who happens to be his duo buddy in Fortnite. But, things took a sad turn when Tfue tweeted an emoji of a broken heart. Tfue and CorinnaKopf  broke up, and social media was following their every move. When things settled down, fans finally saw CorinnaKopf and Tfue hanging out again. Like most, everyone assumed they were back together again. CorinnaKopf and Tfue were looking like a couple on stream and everything seemed like it was back to normal.

Is Tfue And CorinnaKopf Dating?

The big question remains… are they dating? Is Tfue and Corinna dating again after all this time? Well, everyone assumed they were. People assumed that since Corinna went to Jersey to see Tfue that things were back to normal. However, CorinnaKopf returned back home and touched on the subject when her viewers were asking questions. This is what she had to say when someone brought it up.

So it looks like CorinnaKopf and Tfue are just really good friends now, and that they are not dating. Specifically, Corinna mentioned that it’s Tfue who doesn’t want to be her boyfriend. there might be more to the story, but we can all respect their decision and how they want to move forward. Although it’s not the happy ending everyone was hoping for, at least they are very good friends now and hopefully we’ll see more of them on stream together.

Corinna Dating Tfue

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