Host of Games Done Quick Misreads Donors Comment. Crowd Laughs

Host of Games Done Quick Makes Big Flop Thanking Donors Gaming Esports
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The Host of Games Done Quick was commenting on the Final Fantasy IX game in-turn. At one point, he took a break to thank viewers for their donations. However, something came out the wrong way which got the players chuckling.

What is Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick is a speedrun charity marathon. The charity marathon Twitch channel has grown close to 1.5 million subscribers. Originally, the charity was organized by Speed Demos Archive and Speedrun Live communities. But in 2015, Games Done Quick has been organizing the event. The event is hosted to raise money for many charities. The two most popular ones are for the “Prevent Cancer Foundation” and “Doctors Without Borders“.

Host of Games Done Quick Makes Big Flop Thanking Donors Gaming Esports charity
Image source: Games Gone Quick

The Games Done Quick are broadcast on Twitch, and viewers can donate towards the cause presented. In all 21 marathons, there has been $16,900,000 raised for various causes which is a remarkable number.In the format of the charity, several retro games are listed in a schedule and presented on a particular game. Speedrunners take turns to show how they beat various games as fast as possible. The livestream is done in front of a crowd as well as being streamed on Twitch.

There’s a day left for the Games Done Quick and if you’re interesting in catching the speed runs for tomorrows schedule (or later today), you can always check out their schedule.

Games Done Quick Final Fantasy IX

On the the last games for the Games Gone Quick day 6 was Final Fantasy IX which started at 11:43pm. The commentators were YellowKillerBee and Mr Game and Shout (mimicking the name of Game & Watch, a popular pocket video game in Japan). The speedrunners were Tojju, Muttski with Luzbelheim closing out the game.

Games Gone Quick Twitter page was quick to send out an appreciation tweet for the players participation.

During the later part of the speedrun for Final Fantasy IX, there was a point where Mr Game and Shout took a break from commentating and started thanking the donors. He took the last donor and read out the message attached to the $15 donation (since you’re able to add a comment to your donation).

Mr Game and Shout starting read the comment, “We’ve got some love coming in from the land down under. $15 dollars for Ralis164, greetings from Australia loving the run so far…”. At that point, this happened:


He read the comment too fast and instead of saying “Disc Change”, he said,

“But really hoping you guys can nail that last Di*k chain,… DISC change”

Crowd Reaction

This got some reaction from the crowd, as well as Luzbelheim himself, who was playing the game. He chuckled in an obvious manner and then stopped laughing as he realized he was on a speedrun, and that thousands of gamers were watching him around the world. Someone then chimed in and said:

“Disc change is all that matters…”

It was quite a hilarious moment as Mr Game and Shout was quick to correct his mistake and think nothing of it. However, everyone caught notice, including Game Life.

But deep down, through the blunders, chuckles and laughs, all in all the Games Done Quick is an important event to participate in and donate whatever you can for a great cause. Gaming charities are some special, and where everyone connects for an amazing job. For more information on how you can participate and help out, please check out the official website here:

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