The Happy Hob Banned for two Weeks by Twitch For Sexual Misconduct

The Happy Hob Banned two Weeks Twitch Sexual Misconduct

It would seem that Twitch has recently added to its list of banned creators by deciding to suspend Happy Hob, one among the more prolific streamers on the platform. thus far the reasoning is unclear, but the streamer known for no-hit Dark Souls challenges won’t be ready to use the streaming service for a while. Happy Hob shared the suspension online, though the streamer didn’t elaborate on a reason for the extended, though he did indicate that more information is on the way. Similarly, Twitch has not commented on the reasoning for the suspension at the time of this writing, however, this is often not uncommon for even high-profile bans and suspensions.

According to Happy Hob, the suspension will last for fourteen days, and it doesn’t appear to be the streamer know exactly what led to losing access to the channel within the first place. Some fans have questioned the length of the temporary ban, comparing it to other status bans on Twitch. this is often especially strange considering that Happy Hob may be a first-time offender, which has caused some discomfort among fans who believe they could know what caused the recent suspension.

While neither Happy Hob nor Twitch have given an evidence for the suspension at the time of this writing, many fans believe it to be a results of a joke made during a recent stream. It cannot be confirmed if this is often the reasoning for the recent Twitch ban, but several fans are convinced that somebody may have found an offscreen joke may are reported and deemed offensive by the streaming service. However, this is often merely speculation and fans will need to wait to ascertain if Happy Hob chooses to share the reasoning for the suspension when and if Twitch opens communication with the streamer.

Considering the recent trend of Twitch permanently banning some streamers, some fans also are thankful that Happy Hob’s suspension is temporary. That being said, far more of the conversation circling from fans is upset that the unidentified reason for the ban has resulted in two full weeks faraway from streaming, while another high-profile bans are seemingly much shorter for excessive breaches of Twitch’s terms of use. Since losing access to their channels can have an enormous effect on streamers, many fans simply hope that Happy Hob is in a position to urge through the extended suspension, or that Twitch might plan to either explain or limit the ban on further review.

The Happy Hob is Famous For His Wacky Challenges

The Happy Hob is one among the foremost prolific Souls streamers around, known for being the primary player to ever complete the God Run, a challenge he created himself that needs the player to beat Demon’s Souls, the Dark Souls trilogy, and Bloodborne without taking one hit. With such an accomplishment under his belt, he felt confident taking a particular bet. Last year, The Happy Hob agreed to aim to finish 12 no-hit runs throughout the duration of 2020. the ultimate one he had to finish was a run of Bloodborne without getting hit, a challenge that regularly gave him trouble during his God Run days. Having completed 11 of the 12 no hit runs for the year, Happy Hob need to work on trying to clear Bloodborne within the same fashion. Unfortunately, fate wasn’t in his favor, and an enemy managed to land successful on him because it was dying. because the deadline for the bet was fast approaching, The Happy Hob accepted his fate.

Because he lost the bet, The Happy Hob agreed to shave his head and eyebrows off, a task he reluctantly completed last night. Of course, it didn’t continue without incident either. As any that have shaved their head will recall, the primary time doing it’s often a disaster, and it takes tons of practice to actually catch on right. With some help from the chat and a couple of YouTube videos, he manages to tug it off however. At one point there’s even a scare of a fireplace in his house, though it clothed to not be anything serious.

As usual, Twitch chat revels within the pain of the streamers they enjoy, and that they all cheer him on through this. Some even compare him to Patches, a recurring character within the Souls franchise that’s iconically bald and regularly tricks the player. After doing the dirty deed, The Happy Hob wastes no time getting back to the sport . He continues to stream a Dark Souls 3 run but finds himself frequently distracted by his own looks. Needless to mention , this is often a kind of challenge that might be about impossible for many players, but The Happy Hob took an opportunity and tried to finish it. Unfortunately, things didn’t go his way, and now he’ll need to wait a short time before his hair starts to grow back. Until then, viewers will need to get wont to the new look on stream.

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