Greekgodx Hilariously Pulls Dizzy from Crowd. “No VIP Sticker?”

Greekgodx Hilariously Pulls Dizzy from Crowd. No VIP Sticker

The TwitchCon Europe Showdown was a success, wrapping things up over the weekend with a new champion. Afterwards during the meet and greet, Greekgodx  was looking for Dizzy, and had to pull him from the line-up.

Greekgodx Hilariously Pulls Dizzy from Crowd

The TwitchCon Europe Showdown wrapped up in Berlin. For the Apex Legends Challenge, Team Rogue which consisted of HusKerrs, sweetdreamsh1 and TSM Dropped took 1st place. NRG Esports finished 2nd (Dizzy, King Richard, NRG Ace).

Part of the whole TwitchCon experience is for fast to meet and greet major popular streamers. After the Apex Legends Challenge, twitch streamers like Nmplol and Greekgodx were meeting fans, take pictures and sign autographs. Greekgodx was streaming the entire meet and greet through “Just Chatting”. At one point he was searching for Dizzy, who was part of NRG Esports for the event.

“No VIP Sticker?”

A hilarious moment happened when Greekgodx went to Nmplol’s booth. A lot of fans were waiting to meet Nmplol, and Greekgodx was sitting behind the booth doing commentary. He then asked where Dizzy was at. Dizzy became the most popular Apex Legends streamer by getting to level 100 first, and being the first streamer to get signed by an esports organization for the game. Greekgodx realized that Dizzy wasn’t heading in the right direction, and seemed lost, so he went hunting for him.

The hilarious clip shows Dizzy, the most popular Apex Legends player, waiting at the back of the crowd. Greekgodx had to go pull him from the crowd and bring him to the meet and greet booth. As they were heading back to the booth, Greekgodx realized that Dizzy didn’t even have a VIP sticker.

It was a hilarious moment and Greekgodx was making fun of Dizzy later for not having a VIP. Dizzy is quite new to these type of events and it seems like no one was around to help guide him throughout the event.

Greek went on to say “Did you not have a VIP sticker?“, and continued to laugh as Dizzy seemed to still be confused. It’s quite a hilarious moment as a high profile player like Dizzy was lost during the TwitchCon meet and greet.

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