Greekgodx Has Epic Fail in Call of Duty Warzone

Greekgodx Has Epic Fail in Call of Duty Warzone

It seems like Call of Duty Warzone is the hottest battle royale game right now. Everyone from pro players to major streamers are playing the game at the moment. Leading up to the game’s release, rumors have been swirling around about the potential of a battle royale game coming out for Modern Warfare, however, there wasn’t any hard evidence to point to this. But, leaks started to come out with very convincing evidence that would point to the game mode becoming a reality.

Since Warzone has been released just a little more than 2 weeks ago, the game has already reached 30 million downloads.

Greekgodx Dies in the Worst Possible Way

Popular British streamer Greekgodx (Dimitri Antonatos) is never short of funny moments. His expressions and outspoken behavior makes him the center of attention, even when he’s in his gaming room alone. With over 1 million followers on Twitch, Greekgodx is one of the top streamers on Twitch. He puts himself out there and does a lot of collabs with other streamers as well as going to many events. He also doesn’t stick to one game and plays a variety of different games which definitely helps spread his channel across different titles.

In a recent stream, Greekgodx was playing the new Call of Duty Warzone. It’s the newest battle royale game out there and is the preferred choice for streamers at the moment given the viewership on Twitch. Since it’s release, the game has been the #1 viewed channel on Twitch, with the occasional esports event replacing it temporarily. Greekgodx has been playing Warzone and although he isn’t one of the top players in the game, he’s definitely one of the more entertaining streamers to watch.

In one match, he was sniping from a roof of a building looking in the distance for enemies. As he was scoping out the scene, he suddenly stopped and said, “was that a bullet that just went over my head?“. Of course, most vigilant players would dare pop their head back up to see where it came from, but Greekgodx didn’t do that. As he stood back up, he was instantly knocked down from another sniper. As he revived himself, what happened next is simply hilarious.

As he got back up he pressed the wrong key and threw a molotov cocktail on the ground near him, inflicting pain with an instant death. You can then see Greekgodx putting his hands on his face knowing he just did an epic fail. Of course, at the end of it Greekgodx took the opportunity to get some Twitch Primes from his viewers.

“We got three Twitch Primes. Alright it was worth it”


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