Girl2Clutch Streams Black Ops 4. Likes the Sound of This Combo.

Esports Girl2Clutch Streams Black Ops 4 Likes the Sound of This Combo Gabrielle
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Girl2Clutch is one of the youngest professional female streamers in the Call of Duty space. She’s incredibly bubbly, fun, and enjoys interacting with her viewers. One viewer started the topic of foods and was throwing different ideas around. Then one combo hit the target.

Who is Girl2Clutch

Girl2Clutch, aka Gabrielle, is a professional Twitch streamer. She’s quite new to the whole streaming world, however, she’s definitely far from being a novice gamer. Currently on Twitch, Gabrielle has close to 18,000 followers which is a huge number considering she just started streaming. Here social media accounts are also fairly new; Twitter and Instagram.

Esports Girl2Clutch Streams Black Ops 4 Likes the Sound of This Combo Gabrielle Instagram
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Her game of choice is Call of Duty Black Ops 4, a popular title among Twitch streamers at the moment. On occasion she plays Fortnite, but Call of Duty takes the cake. Switching back from Black Ops 4 and Blackout, one thing can be said that Gabrielle looks cute and innocent, but she’s definitely not one to take lightly when playing against her.

For one, she doesn’t just use default headsets given with each Xbox console you buy. She went out and got herself a nice Astro A40. Oddly enough, with how small the streaming space is with Xbox One consoles, it’s definitely different seeing a streamer utilizing Xbox One as opposed to the very popular PS4.

Chatting Is Always Fun with Girl2Clutch

One thing you’ll notice when you join one of Gabrielle’s sessions is that she’s very engaging with her viewers. You can literally type a question and she will answer it (of course not the trolling questions).

During one of Girl2Clutch Black Ops 4 streams, she was having fun with the chatroom going back and forth about certain topics. Even in a heated battle, Gabrielle was a champ and continued talking with her fan base. The topic of “food” game out of the blue, with someone in the chatroom mentioning ribs and lasagna. and perhaps asked Gabrielle if she ever had them.

Oddly enough, Gabrielle responded back saying,

“Ribs, oh yeah. Ribs and lasagna, I’ve never had that together, but that sounds good”.

It’s hard to believe that combo has ever been ordered on a menu, or perhaps even produced at home, unless of course your mother cooked up a nice Christmas dinner for the family and both those two items were on the menu. But most importantly, such an odd statement could have been ignored by other streamers, however, Gabrielle was a super cool cat and engaged with her viewers. This is what new streamers need to take note of because that’s how you build a solid base.

Although the topic isn’t very interesting, it’s still fun to see a conversation back and forth in the chat.

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