Mystery Gamer Gets Jiggy With It At Games Gone Quick

Mystery Gamer Gets Jiggy With It At Games Gone Quick Twitch
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At one of the Games Gone Quick streams, the tune-in game was the popular childhood game Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. As the game wrapped up, a mystery gamer emerged to take over the entertainment. What he did next was awesome.

Games Gone Quick, a Great Event

Games Gone Quick is a charitable event used to bring awareness to charities, specifically the “Prevent Cancer Foundation“. At the time of writing, $1,625,335 has been raised which is incredibly powerful; gamers uniting for the greater good of human kind. This money goes to foundations like the one above for further research for a potential breakthrough. If you would like to participate and donate towards one of the charities featured in the Games Gone Quick, please visit their twitch channel here:

The powerful event came into the scene in January 2010, when the venue had to be pushed to a private residence after the “planned” location (the Hilton Alexandra Mark Center” was canceled. To see where the Games Gone Quick is at is quite touching, as the event gas only grown substantially, getting gamers all around the world to participate and create awareness for charities.

The first year, Games Gone Quick, which at the time was organized by Speed Demos Archive and Speedruns Live communities, raised $10,532. This year, the event hasn’t even ended yet and they are past the 1.5 million dollar mark which is remarkable. We’re all routing for everyone who’s participating and making this event happen (you, the donors on top of it all).

Mystery Gamer Gets Jiggy With it?

During the final moments of the tune-in game; Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, there was a particular gamer in the front row who looked rather off. By off, meaning he would look at the camera and back at his phone consecutively without paying attention to the game in front of him. Eventually, viewers were catching on, as one gamer in the chat said, “whos the weird dude in the second row?“. As soon as Home Alone 2: Lost in New York finished, the camera went back to the audience, which by that time has started to leave. However, once mystery gamer stayed back.

What was his purpose? Was this all planned? Is the goal to get more donors for his dancing? No one will know, and with so many questions, it’s probably a scenario where the mystery gamer will disappear in the midnight light, never to be seen again.

The dance continued. There was no pause. The mystery gamer had a mission, and that was to continue entertaining the viewers while they were waiting for Garfield: A Week of Garfield where “Coolkid” was suppose to take over and do a speed run of that game.


Subscriber were quick to point out the dab, which for those who aren’t aware of the move is from a Migos music video back in 2015. The “dab” took off and went viral, having many celebrities, and people all over the world trying to do the “dab” on live tv . Here’s some of the reactions from the subscribers.

-brum_car types in caps, “THE DAB“.

-kax404 types “SourPls dab guy“.

-NicoSwagzawa types “WHAT A FAST DAB”

Someone in the chatbox also said, “always gotta be a cool guy needing attention“. It seems like the mystery dab gamer didn’t get much love for the rest of the viewers, however, his actions were effective enough to gather interest. But, the question remains, “who is the mystery dab gamer?”.

Games Gone Quick Gamer Dance Dude Live Stream Twitch
Image source: Games Gone Quick Twitch

What we do know is that this mystery gamer has been attending other speed runs as shown in the above picture, and trying to get the best seat in the house (in view of the camera). In the picture above, he’s seen sitting in the front row looking at his phone. Was he getting ready to do the dab? No one’s sure, but what we’re sure of is that this mystery gamer likes attention. One day we will find out his identity.

Mystery Dab Gamer
Mystery Gamer Gets Jiggy With It At Games Gone Quick Twitch Stream
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