Funny Dr Disrespect Rant On Epic Games and Bluehole

Funny Dr Disrespect Rant

Popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect shares his anger over the Gaming industry to his fans.

The gaming industry has a lot over the past few years. The rise of battle royale games and their player base has created new stars and while making companies billions. Bluehole ignited the fuze with the success of PUBG  and not long after, Epic Games came rolling in with Fortnite. At first, Fortnite was meant to be a survival game as they later added the Battle Royale mode for free. By 2019 nearly every big company have their own Battle Royale game. Even EA now have two BRs with Apex Legends and Battlefield Firestorm.

However, unlike other game genres that fade out, the battle royale scene is still peaking. The E-sport scenes around these games are also growing rapidly. With hundreds of thousands of Twitch viewers daily, DrDisrespect is one of most well respected figures in the industry. When the Doc talks, people listen. PUBG was a major title DrDisrespect supported but years later is now raging about them. Although he did stream Fortnite, he was never a big fan.

Doc lets them have it

Doc starts his rant by questioning Bluehole developers and how can they still be relevant to their game? Afterwards, he starts picking on the Epic developers calling them, these skinny nerdy developers in North Carolina. He goes on by saying: “It is such a weird thing and it sucks that the industry is being dominated by these two idiot developer groups.”

Doc continues by saying: ” I am telling you If I had my own studio I would blow both these games out of the water. I am so passionate and my talent is so much better than these overrated developers.”


However, the funny thing is that Doc is playing PUBG when his rant begins. Fan of his or not, it’s always entertaining to hear and see Doc go on one of his review tantrums.

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