Fortnite Streamer, Chibi, Is Accused Of Having Sex With Underage Fortnite Pros

Fortnite Streamer, Chibi, Is Accused Of Having Sex With Underage Fortnite Pros
  • A dark cloud appears above the Fortnite world as popular content creator, Chibi, is accused of having sex with Cented, Magin, and Elevate.

Twitter user Carolinesusd (Carolinevirus) has come forward with some serious accusations against a Fortnite Content Creator by the name of Chibi. A few days ago, Carolinesusd took to Twitter calling out Chibi, in which she eventually got blocked. Additionally, other people in the Fortnite community stated that the Fortnite esports players who were groomed by Chibi are Cented, Magin, and Elevate.

Chibi Blocked you Carolinevirus Twitter

Chibi, who is a Fornite content creator signed for Oath Gaming has been accused by Carolinesusd for her supposed predatory behavior, but these allegations go back farther than April 5th when Carolinevirus brought the whole issue to Twitter. Professional Fortnite players Magin, Elevate, and Cented have supposedly been involved in this going back to Twitchcon 2019.

Chibi Twitter Streamer Allegation

Caroline also mentions of an anonymous source, stating that Chibi is married during all of this. Additionally, during Twitchcon 2019, she supposedly had Magin pay for her transportation at TwitchCon Berlin in 2019.

Magin is from England where the age of consent is 16, and in Germany, it is 14, and at the time of Twitchcon Berlin 2019, Magin would have been 16 years old.

Another anonymous source mentioned that Chibi went as far as manipulating Cented with videos of self-harm. Cented was 17 at the time of the alleged relationship. The age of consent in the United States is 18.

Since Carolinevirus took to Twitter with the allegations, all of Chibi’s social media accounts have been shut down.

We’re not sure if Twitter and Instagram shut them down, or if Chibi did that herself. Currently, Cented, Magin, and Elevate have yet to comment on their social media channels about the allegations.

Chibi Social Media Taken Down

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