Did Forsen Really Deserve To Be Banned While Others Go Scot Free?

Did Forsen Really Deserve To Be Banned While Others Go Scot Free

Popular Twitch streamer Forsen got banned from Twitch indefinitely for showing an explicit horse GIF.  The 29-year old streamer’s tryst with bans continues with his third ban in 2020 and things may continue in 2021. During his ban Twitch didn’t inform when he will be able to stream again because Twitch has not specified how long his ban will last just yet. While it comes to no one’s surprise that showing explicit content on stream can lead to a ban, fans are upset over how the situation was handled.

Forsen was sent a link which he opened and it happened to contain visuals of a horse d***. However, other streamers like Pokimane have been in similar situations and have gotten away scot-free. Most of the internet’s immediate reaction was to have Pokimane banned as well because of how she accidentally showed porn on her stream but barely faced any repercussions.

Twitch Wants Pokimane to Be Banned

One of the biggest issues with how the situation is handled is the discrepancy between Twitch’s stance against male vs female streamers. Whenever a male streamer does something that breaks TOS, they get dealt with a lot more harshly than female streamers. Over the years we have seen multiple instances of people getting banned from the platform for similar incidents. Despite Twitch’s stringent content and nudity policy being applicable to everyone, we see bans handled differently. Dr. Disrespect’s ban is one that is the most noticeable on the platform which led to the Doc exploding on YouTube and getting more fans than ever before. But when Pokimane showed porn on stream, she was let off with nothing but a slap on the wrist from the company.

The trend has become very questionable and fans often lash out at Twitch. Forsen has been banned twice this year with the streamer being banned for using a commonplace slang that was misconstrued as a homophobic slut. Twitch revoked the ban after reconsideration but the fact that he received a ban without proper consideration is alarming. Forsen’s recent ban has led to raging conversations that do not seem to be dying down. Pokimane had accidentally showed porn a few months ago and Alinity gets criticized on stream quite often because of her actions. But while Alinity often gets banned for her actions similar to Forsen, Pokimane always goes scot-free despite clearly breaking Twitch TOS.

Fans are hoping for Twitch to quickly repeal the ban but we do not know if Twitch will be kind enough to revoke it anytime soon. Twitch is indeed biased towards top-tier female streamers while male streamers get banned without hesitation or proper reviews. A large section of the community seems to be upset with the streaming company and we hope to see things change.

Asmongold Defended Forsen Over Ban

While at first no one knew why Forsen got banned, we quickly found out that it was because of the horse GIF Forsen shared. Many thought that the ban could have been DMCA related which has led to a lot of controversy recently and people have been deleting their VODs. However, Forsen had already deleted all of his VODs to prevent them from being struck with DMCA lawsuits. After finding out why Forsen actually got banned from Twittter, popular streamer Asmongold among other popular streamers talked about the issue and spoke in favor of him.

Asmongold said that what Forsen did was an honest mistake. He said ““How the f**k is that going to be TOS? If…I don’t understand. You’ve got other people and they’re going around showing Animal Planet,” he explained. “Like you see literal animals killing each other, but you see a horse’s d**k?”

Asmongold made a very interesting point about the recent Forsen ban. He said that there are often documentaries on Twitch on animals that can often lead to some freaky situations. And these streams are not exactly safe for work and you would never be able to show them to your boss. But on the other hand they are completely natural acts and animals engaging in sexual intercourse of killing each other often get shown on stream which is completely fine according to Twitch policies.

But it turns out that the GIF that got Forsen banned was not any random horse GIF with a d*** in it. It also had a girl which completely changes the conversation and Asmongold changed his stance for a bit because of that. “Okay, that’s a little bit different,” he confessed. “It’s a little bit more than what I thought it was.”

But Asmongold continued to defend Forsen. While it is true that streamers should always check links they receive from viewers before opening them, it was not intentional and not just Forsen, but any streamer would never open such links on Twitch intentionally for content fully knowing that it would lead to a ban. Hopefully Forsen is back to streaming soon and we get to see his content.

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