FaZe Member And Fortnite Streamer Ewok Leaves Twitch To Join Mixer

FaZe Member And Fortnite Streamer Ewok Leaves Twitch To Join Mixer

Another high-profile Streamer leaves Twitch to join Mixer. Twitch must be panicking right now. It’s one thing or the other every day- either they lose a soldier to Mixer or to YouTube Live. The latest streamer who decided to change things is FaZe Ewok. Today, on Twitter post, she revealed about the move she is making, through a creative video.

Ewok, is the first FaZe member to abandon ship. She is quite famous for being the first female member to join FaZe. Mainly, Ewok excels at playing Fortnite, she had good viewership on Twitch with a follower count of about 285,000. Ewok is a fighter, she sets the standard of being badass very high. Her success not only comes from being really good at the game but from also the fact that she is so good even after being deaf. Being at a disadvantage for not being able to talk with her chat never stopped her from pursuing her dreams.

Mixer is giving these popular streamers an offer they can refuse probably. All these big streamers leaving so fast, definitely goes to show that Mixer is a tough competition for Twitch now.

Ewok switched platforms this Thursday and hasn’t done her first stream on Mixer yet. She has around 11500 followers right now who followed her to the new platform. Stay tuned to her Twitter for updates about her first stream on Mixer.

Ewok Joins Mixer FaZe Clan Streamer
Source: Mixer Twitter

Ewok aspires to win the Fortnite World Cup someday. Ewok is a good player, and there is no doubt that FaZe recruits top-class players. She may actually realize her dreams one day. A member of Faze leaving Twitch doesn’t say much but surely raises the question as to whether we will see other members of the Faze leave Twitch to join Mixer. How Ewok actually does after the switch is something we have yet to see. Let’s hope that she gets a fruitful response on Mixer.

It’s heated now, the stream wars are catching pace rapidly. Twitch has supposedly started offering streamers exclusive deals to maintain their position on the platform. After the switch of Ninja, no one knew that so much would happen in much less time. Twitch is taking hit after hit. If they do not act now, they will definitely have to see some dark days ahead. Microsoft is here to stay, and they are making a loud and clear statement via Mixer about their interest in the streaming community.

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