FaZe Clan Streamer Gets Into Heated Argument With Girlfriend During Live Stream

FaZe Clan Streamer Gets Into Heated Argument With Girlfriend During Live Stream
Source: RiceGum YouTube

It looks like trouble is brewing at the FaZe Mansion in Hollywood Hills. RiceGum, a popular content creator for FaZe Clan has gotten himself into some serious trouble with his girlfriend.

FaZe RiceGum

RiceGum, whose real name is Bryan Le, is one of the biggest content creators in the world. RiceGum creates content for the esports organization FaZe Clan and has been for many years. He’s gained fame from his early years of recording Call of Duty gameplay, creating diss tracks about other YouTubers and artists, and creating a Youtube series called “These Kids Must Be Stopped”. He’s gained millions of subscribers and has roughly 11 million followers on YouTube.



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He continues to create vlogs on his YouTube channel, but additionally, RiceGum started streaming Fortnite Battle Royale on Twitch not too long ago. This is where the trouble starts.

Calling Instagram Models on Stream

RiceGun does something different on his Twitch channel that no one else really does. He calls Instagram models while streaming Fortnite Battle Royale. He’s had a number of different Instagram models on his Twitch channel, some of which he knows personally like his cousin Savannah Palacio, while others he connects with and invites him to his stream.The whole layout of these episodes is RiceGum playing asking the model questions while streaming Fortnite. While he’s playing, he asks the model all sorts of questions and also asks questions on behalf of his viewers who donate money to RiceGum to get their question in. Questions come from a mixed bag; some are silly, while others are quite sexual. Most of the times the models play along, and if the question is too personal they simply pass on it. Here are a few instances of RiceGum engaging in some hilarious conversations with these Instagram models:

Some of the questions do get extremely personal, and for RiceGum’s girlfriend, this time around he crossed the line.

RiceGum Gets Into Heated Argument With Girlfriend

During RiceGum’s recent stream, he invited Instagram Model @mia_francisss who agreed to be on his stream. As usual, RiceGum started playing Fortnite and asking mia_francisss some questions. At one point, someone in the chat asked RiceGum to ask a rather inappropriate question, which seemed to stir the pot at the FaZe Mansion. RiceGum’s girlfriend, Abby, can be heard briefly which she didn’t seem happy.

It seems that Abby wasn’t happy with what was going on and RiceGum had to drop the call with mia_francisss to attend his girlfriend. After having a discussion with Abby, he then proceeded to call back mia_francisss.

As he was getting ready to call mia_francisss back, he said,

“Abby, if you’re watching this, it’s not what it looks like. We just getting the stream wet and that’s it.”

Unfortunately, his continued conversation with mia didn’t sit well with Abby who barged in on Ricegum and gave a piece of her mind.

RiceGum’s girlfriend started screaming saying, “She’s just f***ing laughing. I just watched the f***ing stream you dumb ****, dumb wh***, b***. F***ing dude.” RiceGum was saying that mia_francisss wasn’t laughing at her getting upset about their chat, but Abby wasn’t buying it. At that point, RiceGum had to stop the stream and end the call because things were getting too heated.

Since the incident, there hasn’t been a stream yet from RiceGum. IT’s not known if this argument with his girlfriend caused some tensions in their relationships, thus, prolonging his absence from his stream, but hopefully, things have been worked out between them.

RiceGum Mia_Francisss Abby Argument Fight Live Stream Girlfriend

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