FaZe Jarvis Banned. Streamers And Pro Players React.

FaZe Clan's Jarvis Banned. Streamers And Pro Players React.

Jarvis from FaZe Clan got banned two days ago from Fortnite for using aimbot. He suddenly got a permanent ban on his screen while playing Fortnite. Of course, we all assumed Jarvis didn’t use the aimbot in any tournaments. Jarvis explained that he was using it for creating videos. The ban came after he uploaded a video of him using the aimbot hack. Epic Games wants to be seen as having zero-tolerance for cheating, which is why the ban hammer came down right away. However, most of the streamers and Pro players know what is going on and they are standing next to Jarvis.

The current situation is circling the fact that Epic Games did not give a proportionate ban to Jarvis. We all know about the XXiF incident. That was a headache for Epic Games because they only gave him a 2-week ban while Jarvis now is getting a permanent ban from Fortnite. This is not considered as equal punishment for most of the community. On one hand, Jarvis did something wrong, however, on the other hand, he did not use this in any esports tournaments. He just assumed it would be a funny video to make using aimbot. Regardless, Epic Games did not even release a statement until now.

What do Streamers And Pro Players Think?

However, most of the streamers are standing with Jarvis currently. All of their main points is that streamer XXiF only got a 2-week ban, so why did Jarvis got banned for life.? xQc was one of the first streamers to react to the situation. His position was a little bit more strict and stated that “Why would they unban him? This will just show that you can cheat and get away with it. However, they have already done this with the XXiF situation“. The main problem here is that Jarvis went and did something juvenile.

Also, Ninja reacted to the news of Jarvis getting permanently banned from Fortnite. He stated that Epic Games is showing favoritism. He continued, saying that Jarvis did not cheat in any tournaments, therefore, there should only be 6 months ban. Ninja also made some different observations and he stated that banning content creators for creating content is bad publicity for the game. He gave examples like the Logan Paul incident within Youtube and how Youtube handled it. They just assumed he was such a big name to ban.

Regardless of these statements, all eyes are on Epic Games. Currently, they are dealing with a problem that has two bad outcomes. Their past incident with XXiF haunts them, and if they ban Jarvis for life they will appear cruel and treating players unequal. However, if they unban him players will know that it is simply ok to cheat in the game. The worst punishment you would get is a slap on the wrist. What do you think Epic Games should do with the Jarvis situation?

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