FATAL1TY Has The Best Gameroom on Twitch. Loves his Crib.

FATAL1TY Hall of Fame Loves his Crib. Shows Viewers Twitch Esports

Fatal1ty was streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at his Las Vegas home. One of his viewers pointed out the scenery behind him, and this seemed to trigger Fatal1ty to show his room to his viewers. One thing we know for sure, Fatal1ty loves where he lives and has the best view in the business.

Who is Fatal1ty?

Fatal1ty, aka Johnathan Wendel is a legend in the esports world. His fame started at the age of 18 when he turned pro in 1999 playing Quake III Arena. He’s a World Champion in 5 different FPS games, including Quake 3 Arena, Aliens VS Predator 2, Unreal Tournament 2003, DOOM 3 and PainkilleR. Johnathan Wendel was the first major Western esports superstar, He had the record for most prize money won at esports events up until 2013 where he was over took by Lee Jaedong, a Starcraft pro player.

Fatal1ty is one of the most recognizable esports figures in the world, and has retired from the scene in 2006 from seasonal professional play. Nowadays, he Fatal1ty is operating his business of selling branded gaming gear and running a real estate company. He also has his own Twitch and YouTube channel where he streams games like Diablo III and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

FATAL1TY Loves his Crib

Fatal1ty Johnathan Wendel Show Gameroom Las Vegas Crib Esports Pro

When Johnathan Wendel is streaming on Twitch, he plays with the beautiful Las Vegas skyline in the back. During one of his Diablo III streams, the Las Vegas sun was setting and causing a glare on Johnathan’s screens. That’s when he got up and then proceeded to show his viewers the beautiful view he has with the sun.

Then, with a click of a button, his blinds started coming down with Fatal1ty saying, “Blackout!“.  “This is not Call of Duty this is Blackout!“. In an instant, his whole entire room goes pitch black, and then proceeds to continue playing Diablo III. We have to admit that he has one of the nicest gaming rooms for his Twitch stream.

But Fatal1ty knows he has a beautiful setup and the nicest view in a game room. During his stream of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, one of his viewers mentioned the beautiful backdrop in the Las Vegas desert behind him. That’s when Johnathan Wendel says, “This is the money shot. Look at this over Vegas.” He then looks back through the windows to see the sun dropping and appreciates it in it’s beauty.

Not wanting to miss a moment, Johnathan Wendel gets up and walks to his balcony in order to get a shot of the beautiful view. He’s truly living in paradise.

Fatal1ty Johnathan Wendel Show Gameroom Las Vegas Crib Esports
Image source: twitch.tv/Fatal1ty


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