Faith Makes Controversial Comment on Twitch : “Everyone is like gross”

Faith Makes Controversial Comment on Twitch Everyone is like gross
  • Twitch Streamer “Faithttv” made a controversial comment during a recent stream which shocked her viewers. Was she being serious about it?
Who is Faithttv?

Faith, also known as Faithttv is a Canadian Twitch Streamer who plays Fortnite Battle Royale, Overwatch and Apex Legends. Faithttv spends most of her time now on Twitch “Just Chatting” and talking about a variety of topics. In her Twitch bio, she mentions that streaming is now her full-time job.


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Additionally, she says she has been a lifetime gamer, playing classic consoles like Atari, NES, and N64. She started PC gaming in 2011 which is the only platform she streams now. Faith now has 100k followers, which is quite impressive for someone who just started streaming in June of last year.

Controversy already?

During a recent stream, Faith was discussing with her viewers about meeting someone in person named Nate. When she met him, she was shocked by how he presented himself and that’s when thing’s turned in the wrong direction.

Faithttv started talking about what makes it easy for her to stream as it can be a nervous time if you don’t have your mental game down packed. She said,”I don’t know if this is like how girls think about like guys on Twitch when they stream, and I was thinking about it. Whenever I like envision my chat, this could be wrong or right, but whenever I envision my chat, I envision a lot of neck breads, like a lot of overweight men, sitting in their basements being sweaty, fat and disgusting.

There are all types of techniques to calm your nerves in uncomfortable situations. For example, when doing a presentation, one trick people use it to either envision everyone in their underwear (as crazy as that sounds), or just focus at the back wall looking beyond everyone’s had. However, for Faith, she envisions her chat to be full of disgusting men which helps calm her nervous. To each their own.

Faith, after saying that, paused for a second. She continued, “and they think that’s whys streaming is so easy for me and that’s why I’m so savage because I just imagine as everyone as ugly and undesirable. Like I don’t think about anyone is motivated, hard working, like all these things, I just think about everyone is like gross“.

Her real thoughts on her viewers

Eventually, Faith knows that her viewers are just fine as she said, “I’ve actually found that a lot of my viewers, they’re very attractive. And it fu**s me up in a sense because whenever I’m sitting here I’m like I’m just talking to basement dweller ugly people. But in reality, there’s a good portion of the chat that’s actually hot as f***.”

Although some viewers weren’t pleased with her remarks, Faith clearly stated that’s not what she actually thinks of her viewers. And her comments about a disgusting chat is just a tactic she uses to get through her streams easily. Perhaps she won’t need to use that approach as she continues to stream daily and get comfortable with her viewers.

Faithttv Talks About Viewers on Twitch Stream

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