DrLupo Gives Warning to Youtubers Who Steal His Content


Popular streamer DrLupo is not happy with how things are with Youtube due to content stealers. Gives fair warning on his Twitch channel.

YouTube and Twitch

Youtube and Twitch go hand in hand. That’s because most streamers on Twitch also have a Youtube account. They utilize both channels to communicate with their audience. However, a problem happens when a Twitch streamer wants to share their recent content on YouTube, but a stranger already beat them to it. That’s the issue streamers face nowadays. People take their fresh content, and then upload it to their own YouTube account. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how popular you are. If a clip on Twitch goes viral, someone will take it and upload to youtube. This has been an on-going issue.

There thousands of Youtube channels that do this, specifically for Fortnite. The people who take content from other streamers rarely, if ever, create content themselves. What annoys streamers more is that these individuals are monetizing off of their content without doing any of the work.

DrLupo Gives Warning to Youtubers Who Steal His Content

That is where DrLupo comes in. He’s a popular streamer who is known for not only his skills but as the voice of reason in the Fortnite community. He is still one of the best streamers out there and he has his own youtube channel. Therefore, he does not enjoy people are taking his videos and uploading it to YouTube. Recently, DrLupo was streaming the Fortnite Battle Royale World Cup Qualifiers Week 6. He had his son on his lap and in a cute way, he got his son Charlie to say, “Hey Youtube if you take this, we will copyright strike you.“.

Of course, DrLupo was not in a total rage or anything like that. But he made his intentions pretty clear. This issue became more problematic ever since the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers started.  Not only is this an issue with DrLupo, but generally all popular streamers have commented about it at one point in time. Ninja, the most popular streamer in the world had his fair share of dealing with people who take his content and upload it on YouTube. Will YouTube do anything about this? We shall see.

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