Dr Disrespect unfazed by camper in Escape From Tarkov

Dr Disrespect unfazed by camper in Escape From Tarkov
  • Dr Disrespect shows us how to take care of a camper in style while playing Escape from Tarkov. Check out the Doc’s cat-like instincts.

Dr Disrespect is regarded as one of the best players in the world. As a streamer, he does a great job entertaining his viewers and staying engaged even while playing some of the most intense games. But, the Doc has created a name for himself, not only as one of the most popular streamers in the world but one of the best all-around FPS gamers. Dr Disrespect can jump from one game to another and continue to dominant, which shows that he’s the Doc of all trades in gaming.

Camper fails miserably

During one of Dr Disrespect’s streams, he was playing the popular game, Escape From Tarkov. Many streamers have turned to playing EFT, citing that it’s one of the most intense and competitive games out there. Ex-professional player Summit1g even said that out of all the FPS titles under his belt, Escape From Tarkov is the most demanding. So one thing we know for sure is that EFT is not for the faint of heart, and requires a lot of skill to be able to get around.

Well, it seems that the Doc has achieved god-like status in EFT as he’s become really good at the game, enough to be unfazed by a camper during on of his recent games. Check out Dr Disrespect’s cat-like instincts:

As the Doc moved away from the hallway while downing another playing, he goes into a room and sees a crate on the bed. As he goes in to loot it, he starts getting shot from behind. Anyone who plays FPS games knows that when you’re body is left vulnerable like that, you’re pretty much done for. However, as the camper was shooting the Doc, it seems like he was too nervous to finish the him off. Dr Disrespect then turned quickly to the camper and took him out. He then casually says, “Excuse me, can I loot?“.

Although the camper failed miserably, what’s more, impressive about the clip is about fast the Doc’s reactions were to take out the camper. It’s rare when that happens, but there are instances where you can come out of a situation like that alive; either the camper has bad aim or was too nervous to finish you off. Nonetheless, this is a reminder that Dr Disrespect plays competitive in public matches and if you’re ever in the same room as him, make sure you’re on your game.

Dr Disrespect Fast Reaction
Dr Disrespect Twitch

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