Dr Disrespect Encounters Technical Difficulties During Twitch Stream

Dr Disrespect Encounters Technical Difficulties During Twitch Stream
  • Every wondered what Dr Disrespect is like when his mic is off? Well, that actually happened in a recent stream as Dr Disrespect experienced some technical difficulties on stream.

Dr Disrespect’s Right Hand Man

If you’ve ever watched a Dr Disrespect stream, you’ll notice a bunch of things. First, you’ll notice the Doc’s beautifully tamed hair and perfectly cut mustache. But most importantly, you’ll notice the high-grade production in place with the CGI effects and the awesome synthwave music playing in the background. The Doc didn’t have this kind of production when he first started off. Of course, hard work pays off and the Doc was able to upgrade in his streaming production.

But there has to be someone helping the Doc out with all of the work involved in order to put up the CGI and background music. That person’s name is Alex, who is Dr Disrespect’s right-hand man when it comes to production. Anytime there is a cue for some music to come on, or to move to a cut scene so the Doc can elaborate on some of his thoughts, Alex is right there waiting to sync everything in place. In fact, Dr Disrespect won “Streamer of the Year” at the Esports Awards and this has a lot to do with the countless hours that are put into production.

Technical Difficulties Do Happen

With all the great effects viewers see when they tune into the Doc’s Twitch stream, there’s bound to be some technical difficulties right? I mean, The Doc comes across as a perfectionist, which is he. Everything has to be in order and perfect for the viewers. Well, sometimes that’s not the case, and a hilarious moment ensued when the Doc went to a cut scene and his mic wasn’t working. Check out the video below:

When the Doc started talking, no one was able to hear what he was saying. The chatbox immediately blew up with viewers saying “No Mic” and “Can’t hear you!!”. Then, the comments completely changed to focus on Alex, Dr Disrespect’s right-hand man when it comes to his streaming production. Viewers were calling Alex out saying the Doc’s mic isn’t on. It’s quite funny to see the Doc’s gesture without his mic on.

Some in the chatbox was saying the Doc was playing his viewers as he knew his mic was off. That wouldn’t be surprising considering that the Doc likes to have fun during his streams, even if it’s to create an awkward moment like this one.

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