Dr Disrespect Throws Shade at Summit1g. Says he Drives a Toyota.

Dr Disrespect Throws Shade at Summit1g. Says he Drives a Toyota Blackout
Image source: twitch.tv/drdisrespect / Summit1g Instagram

Dr Disrespect was riding in his Lamborghini, cruising Sin City like he normally does at night. But, this cruise turned out anything but ordinary as Dr Disrespect encountered someone he least expected.

Dr Disrespect and Summit1g Beef

There was a time when everyone in the Twitch world thought that Dr Disrespect and Summit1g has beef. The reason for this was some shots fired back and forth over Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (specifically Blackout). Summit  called out the Doc in one of his streams about being able to take out Doc easily. The next day, Dr Disrespect was notified by one of his viewers that Summit called him out the day before.

After the Doc watched the clip, he said, “I WOULD DESTROY YOU!!!”, saying this towards Summit1g. That;’s when Dr Disrespect said the famous quote:

“I see a lot of flat bill hats, a lot of Monster energy drinks sips but that’s about it”

Of course, Summit1g followed up later on with this.

Was it all Jokes?

The next day Summit1g said to his viewers that him and Dr Disrespect are actually good friends in real life, and that this is just a war between their characters and not to take anything serious.

Summit1g even stated that if his viewers would go to Dr Disrespects Twitter page, that they would find he makes a lot more fun of Summit1g than vice versa. All this to be said that there isn’t any real beef between the two mega YouTube stars. Or is there?….

Dr Disrespect Throws Shade at Summit1g. Says he Drives a Toyota.

In one of Dr Disrespects latest streams, he was cruising down the highway in his Lamborghini, with not a care in the world, well, except for his 2x Blockbuster championship wins. That;s when he almost gets into a car accident and swerves out of the way, say “whoa whoa!“.

The Doc then says,

I almost hit Summit… in his Toyota Supra hahaha. Now he’s way back there.”

The question is, was it really Summit he almost hit? He was probably cruising down the highway so fast that he might have mistaken who he saw. We will have to wait to hear from Summit and what he thinks of everything. All we know is that the Doc passed by a Toyota Supra and laughed, obviously because the Lamo is a much more powerful, stronger, and expensive car.

Dr Disrespect Throws Shade at Summit1g. Says he Drives a Toyota
Image source: twitch.tv/drdisrespect

So if it was indeed Summit, Doc has the last laugh.

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