The Final Chapter of Dr Disrespect’s Mobile vs PC Gaming Controversy

Dr Disrespect Mobile vs PC Gaming Controversy

Herschel D Disrespect Beahm is known for his controversial takes but this time he may have taken things way too far. He posted a tweet recently where he suggested that mobile gaming is inferior to computer gaming. There has been plenty of outrage since then that made the mobile gaming community become very upset. Various pro players from titles like PUBG Mobile called out Dr Disrespect and said his take was not only wrong but also ‘disrespect’ful which is the entire point of Dr Disrespect’s persona.

Did Dr Disrespect Use ScoutOP for YouTube Clout?

We are no one to call out Dr Disrespect as a clout chaser but the fact that he has always dissed mobile gamers and out of nowhere he partnered with one of the biggest PUBG Mobile gamers on YouTube in August. ScoutOP is among the biggest names on YouTube when it comes to streaming and he partnered with Dr Disrespect to play a few matches with the doc was new to YouTube after his ban on Twitch.

He made a similar statement last year and was called out for it back then as well. But the fact that despite dissing on them he chose to play with ScoutOP, apologize on stream for saying what he said and then flip-flopping his opinion once again, it was just wrong. The tweet divided the community immediately and was uncalled for.

Many said after the stream between Dr Disrespect and ScoutOP that it was a failed partnership. This was the first time Dr Disrespect partnered with an Indian gamer and it definitely led to some awkwardness. Many Indians on Twitter claimed that there are way too many cultural differences between Dr Disrespect and the average mobile gaming community to ever see eye to eye. Dr Disrespect’s entire persona revolves around what we call the “Eminem syndrome”. He loves to stir up controversy and to believe that he would intentionally demean a person’s profession or an entire lifestyle as a whole, in this case, is a bit too much to handle. While he may truly have such stigma against mobile gaming, there is no reason to hold pitchforks against Dr Disrespect for simply stating his opinion.

Is Mobile Gaming as Bad as Dr Disrespect Says?

The Doc started bragging about his PC and called out mobile gaming. He revealed that mobile gaming can never be taken seriously. It led to the community being divided after Dr Disrespect posted on Twitter saying “I’ve got 3 state-of-the-art 1ms speed color calibrated monitors staring at me, a keyboard with titan switch optical keystrokes and a mouse that weighs literally nothing backed by a 200k multi pc setup…. ….and you have the guts to tell me mobile gaming is a serious thing?”

One of the spiciest responses was from Ferg who said the following:

Mobile vs PC Gaming

More and more game publishers work with both desktop and mobile technologies. That means we can expect some of our favorite games from the past to land on various mobile platforms.

Some popular console and desktop games have undergone successful mobile porting: Carmageddon, X-COM: UFO Defence, Tomb Raider, Dragon’s Lair, Baldur’s Gate, Heroes of Might and Magic III,  and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. This list is growing daily.

Modern mobile devices have a high performance whole genres like point and click adventures are now suitable for this transfer, as are the legendary hits of 1990’s (like classic Pokemon games, Fallout or Legend of Monkey Island) when the top PCs had lower storage, memory and computing power than the average Android smartphone in 2017.

Researchers say the idea of indie game development, extremely popular at first, is losing momentum these days. Month by month, producing high-tech games becomes easier and less costly. Nevertheless, indie games do not lose their position as they, more often than not, are quite original and captivating.

Due to mobile game development outsourcing, the latest indie games produced by small studios or individual programmers get lots of attention and positive feedback from both players and journalists. With the help of software outsourcing companies, each person, with appropriate knowledge, can create and promote gaming apps without any obstacles.

The near future promises a bunch of new opportunities for PC and mobile games. It means we will enjoy high-quality gaming content no matter what device is used. Despite what Dr Disrespect says, mobile gaming is here to stay whether we like it or not. But we all know that Dr Disrespect is just a persona and fans should not take his words too seriously to too heart which only leads to people getting offended. While we steer away from this conversation he recently tweeted out “I’m looking for an experienced Escape from Tarkov sidekick. Someone that ain’t afraid to attack. Flip phone is wide open.”

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