Dr Disrespect Memoir Might Be Coming Soon – Publishing Deal Done

Dr Disrespect Memoir Might Be Coming Soon - Publishing Deal Done
  • Dr Disrespect memoir is coming soon according to recent news. The publishing deal is for a memoir written from the perspective of Dr Disrespect.

Streaming is showmanship. This is without a doubt one of the most interesting businesses. Popular streamers have several things that set them apart from the rest of us mortals. They are either very talented or they can be amazing at showmanship. This does not mix together very well, but Dr Disrespect comes pretty close to it. He is, perhaps, the best showman in the streaming world and as well as very skillful with any game he plays. Also when you watch his streams, you can see that Dr Disrespect really cares about his audience and tries to give them his best. His production quality is out of this world and there hasn’t been a streamer yet to meet his level of production. According to recent news, Dr Disrespect memoir might be coming soon.

Dr Disrespect Memoir

Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm signed a publishing deal with Simon & Schuster imprint Gallery Books according to Hollywood Reporter. This will be an in-character memoir written from Dr Disrespct perspective. Currently, the title is:

“Violence. Speed. Momentum. A Memoir by Dr Disrespect”

The memoir will have a comedic setting and it is expected to be released next spring. This is an interesting deal however, not a first because we also know that Ninja also signed a publishing deal. However, the details on Ninja’s one is bleaker. Dr Disrespect is currently at the top of the streaming world with averaging more than 20,000 viewers at each stram and more than 4 million followers.

Dr Disrespect’s persona is enjoyed by the entertainment industry because this is not the first deal he had. He also had a deal with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment Ink Television. The deal was to for an animated series like Castlevania. The streaming world is improving without a doubt, and soon streamers will be appearing at TV shows as mainstream celebrities.

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