Dr Disrespect Laughs At Shroud Playing Escape From Tarkov

Dr Disrespect Laughs At Shroud Playing Escape From Tarkov

There’s a love-hate relationship between Shroud and Dr Disrespect. Although they are good friends in real life, their online persona seems to despise one another. A few months ago, Shroud made fun of Dr Disrespect playing Battlefield V Firestorm, saying that he can’t keep up and that the game is a slow playing game; perfect for Dr Disrespect. The Doc took notice when his viewers were pointing out what Shroud said. Well, typically what happens is that Karma comes around, and The Doc poked fun at Shroud when he got into a scooter accident.

The two also got into a heated battle during the first-ever Apex Legends Twitch Rivals Challenge when Shroud said that he didn’t consider Dr Disrespect a threat after a viewer asked him if he was worried about the Doc. Although things have quieted down a bit between the two rivals, the Doc will take any chance to get back at Shroud for hi comments. One thing with the Doc is that he has a good eye, and catches everything (of course, with the help of his viewers.

Dr Disrespect Laughs At Shroud’s Reaction

During a recent stream of Shroud playing Escape From Tarkov, there was a clip of him being shocked after getting a kill. This happens to most of us when were in a calm state and get attacked unexpectedly. It’s a shock to the system like a jump scare, which pushes your body back. Well, one clip was captured of Shroud getting shocked from an unexpected kill and The Doc was all over it.

Dr Disrespect always has a funny way of putting things together, and interpreting what he watches. In this case, he called Shroud’s movement like a “hydraulic piston“, and started laughing hysterically after Shroud’s reaction.

Although this wasn’t much of a confrontation as we’ve typically seen between the two streamers, we can be sure that Shroud will take notice and keep this one in the back pocket for now.

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