Dr Disrespect Joining The Aim Assist War – ” I don’t need to look”

Dr Disrespect Aim Assist
  • Popular Streamer Dr Disrespect stated that he does not need to look even when he is using controllers.

Keyboard & Mouse players and controller players are having a war right now. The reason for this dispute is simple since K&M players feel like it is unfair for them to fight with controller players since they can lock their aim without taking a precise aim. While controller players state that mouse and keyboard is much quicker and more precise. When we are taking a general look into the topic we can see that many pro players and streamers spoke about this including Bugha and even Ninja. This time we have a special clip from Dr Disrespect showing how easy it is to get kills with a controller.

The Two-Time was streaming with a controller when the incident happened. Dr Disrespect eliminated one of his opponents easily and later we have seen him turning away from the monitor and saying, “I almost don’t even need to look at the guy, because once you get on it, you don’t have to worry about, like, I don’t have to squint and really concentrate on my full spray.” He was able to eliminate the other opponent while turning away from the monitor. Of course, this will ignite more discussions around this sensitive topic.

This war between mouse and keyboard players and controller players started with cross-play games. Ever since Fortnite introduced cross-play gameplay these issues rose to another level. However, companies do know that cross-play titles are selling more since it pushes consumers to purchase them in order to play with their friends. Last year we have seen Call of Duty: Modern Warfare going cross-play and by the looks of it, they are happy with it. However, they did not allow controller players to compete in esports venues as Fortnite did.

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