Dr Disrespect Gets The Weirdest Question From Fan. “The hell?”

Dr Disrespect Gets The Weirdest Question From Fan. The hell

One of the most popular streamers in the world happens to be Dr Disrespect. He also gets some of the weirdest questions asked on his streams. Check out what one fan asked the Doc.

The Doc of All Trades

Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers in the world. There are many reasons for this, and basically, we could write an in-depth article about this (which we might!). The “2x” back-to-back 1993 and 1994 Blockbuster Champion has a massive following, and basis his streaming character on his success in video games. Dr Disrespect has been streaming for years and has a unique personality when it comes to presentation. The Doc has a military look with a hard attitude. He’s filled with cockiness, but he sure can back-up his trash talk. This is why he’s one of the most followed streamers in the world. He brings excitement and comic relief for his viewers.

But one major reason for his success is due to the fact that he moves from game to game, thus, acquiring a new audience of gamers. The Doc doesn’t stick to just one game (ex: Fortnite). He’s the Doc of all trade. What’s impressive about this is the fact that he’s really good at every game he plays, as another popular streamer by the name of Grimmmz pointed out. So when you’re at the top of the charts, you have a lot of followers, specifically on Twitch. The Doc has 3.5 million followers on Twitch alone, which places him in the top 10 streamers on Twitch. With all those followers, the Doc is bound to get odd questions, which he did in a recent stream.

“The hell?”

During one of Dr Disrespects recent streams, he just settled down and was ready to stream the whole day. At the start of his Twitch stream, he started reading out comments from his donors. Essentially, every time someone donates to a streamer on Twitch, they have the ability to add a comment with their donation, which the Doc always reads. This time Doc came to a comment that left him confused. Here’s what he was asked.

As Dr Disrespect moved to the next comment, he read, “Doc, are you wearing makeup?“. This left the Doc a little confused at first, looking into the screen to check himself out. The then proceeded to flapping his cheeks to show he has nothing on, and said, “No way!“. The Doc then went on to fix his hair smiling because it was an odd question.

Makeup Dr Disrespect Wearing on Twitch Stream

We’re sure that Dr Disrespect has received stranger questions than this. And probably doesn’t ready 20% of the questions due to how odd they are. But sometimes he lets a few pass and doesn’t mind going with the flow as he did here.

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