Dr Disrespect Changes Gamers Life After A Meeting In Person

Dr Disrespect Changes Gamers Life After A Meeting In Person
  • One of the biggest video game streamers in the world changed a gamers life without even knowing it. In a recent stream that same gamer contacted the Doc to let him know. Watch the video of this happening below.

The Doc Of All Trades

Dr Disrespect is regarded as the most popular video game streamer in the world. He was one of the very first streamers to portray a unique character and bring that character to life in all of his streams. The Doc has actually been streaming for a very long time, and his success now comes from long days of grinding and putting himself out there. Of course, the Doc isn’t just good at being in front of a camera and interacting with his audience. He’s actually a great gamer and can compete with some of the best in the world.

Dr Disrespect can play any new game and get really good at it; fairly quickly. Of course, because the Doc is multi-talented, he can step on a lot of people’s toes and this leads to some playful trash-talking, such as that time with Shroud.

But Doc is also good at giving advice when people ask, and sometimes he does a lot of good without even knowing about it such as the case in his recent stream.

Dr Disrespect Changes Gamers Life

In one of Dr Disrespects recent streams, he was reading out comments from his viewers. One user got his attention as he explained to Doc that his life changed after meeting him at EA Play back in the summer. The gamer by the name of MuscleBobPuffPants told Dr Disrespect that after meeting him at EA Play he lost over 110 pounds. He goes on to say that he was close to 430 pounds and was embarrassed to share the picture he took with Dr Disrespect. Since then his mindset changed and he worked hard to lose weight. Here’s the incredible clip:

Dr Disrespect was shocked by the claim, and couldn’t believe that MuscleBobPuffPants lost 110 pounds and continues to do so. It shows the power that Dr Disrespect has that he’s able to motivate fellow gamers and change lives. Especially in this situation, it’s a life-changing experience for the gamer and the clip was a nice early Christmas present for the Doc.

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