Dr Disrespect Enjoys Flattery. Gives Quote of The Year to Grimmmz.

Dr Disrespect Enjoys Flattery. Gives Quote of The Year Award
Source: Dr Disrespect Twitch

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect enjoys a little bit of flattery while streaming. Ends up giving best quote of the year to Grimmmz.

Dr Disrespect Enjoys Flattery. Gives Quote of The Year Award

Popular streamers have big egos. Some of it comes from being in the character for their audience. But no matter what, being watched by thousands of people every day is a remarkable feat. Streamers are our modern day gladiators. Some people just like to watch some players for their raging moments, others for their jokes. For some of us, we try to learn something from the streamers and try to copy their moves. As we all know, streaming is an entertainment. Some offer the complete package while some are more conservative in their approach, but none of them come even close to that of Dr Disrespect. The Doc also has more years over most streamers, and has been able to fine his best self to present to everyone in the present day.

Dr Disrespect the Complete Package?

Doc offers the complete package. How? Firstly, he is a funny guy in which everybody enjoys his jokes. He brings comic relief to the streaming world. He can also play various games which gives him a distinct advantage over other streamers. Granted most of the games that he plays are FPS games, but for example, he can play Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends and Black Ops 4 in the same night. Viewers can find their favorite game any day and that makes Doc so special.

Well, Doc certainly enjoys flattery also. In his stream today he was playing Grimmmz a well respected PUBG streamer. Grimmmz said,

You keep yourself fresh for the games, not get yourself burnt up. That is what I respect about Doc. He is able to play multiple BR games and he can still win all. I really respect that so much. Some folks will stick with one game and they will never do anything else. They will never do anything else. It is a fine show of skill that you are able to win in multiple games. I cannot think anyone else that does the same thing.”

There are some players who can do that also, but Doc is one of the most prominent of them all for playing multiple games and being good at them. Dr Disrespect enjoyed this flattery of course, and said that Grimmmz has the quote of the year.

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