DisguisedToast And The Search For The Shiny Wooloo Ends As He Finally Caught It

DisguisedToast And The Search For The Shiny Wooloo Ends As He Finally Caught It

Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang is probably one of the funniest streamers on Twitch. He is known for his wild display of skills in games such as Hearthstone and Teamfight Tactics. Toast has a unique sense of humor and a loyal fan base.

DisguisedToast is on a break from the other games he streams, recently after a long time, he returned to Hearthstone to try out the new Battlegrounds game mode.

Recently, after the release of the latest Pokémon game, a lot of streamers and players have been trying to really get into the game. The craze, however, is beyond just competition. Players and streamers worldwide have been trying to get their hands on shiny versions of different pocket monsters. This Pokemon don’t grant increased stats or any over the edge benefit whatsoever. But, the rarity and the whole effort behind catching a shiny Pokemon is impressive. It is insanely difficult to catch a shiny Pokémon, there is a method behind it, and you have to set several things up to make the odds in your favor. Toast decided to test his luck, and in the process, he decided to make a crazy bet with his chat.

Earlier this week, DisguisedToast, decided to go catch shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Shield. There was a great catch behind all of this, though. If he failed to capture a shiny wooloo, he promised to gift his viewers 1,000 subscriptions to his channel, via a tweet and on stream, which sums up to be roughly around $5,000 in value.

DisguisedToast started the stream humorously saying, “Today’s goal is simple, chat. Very simple,” he said at the outset of his first stream. “All we gotta do is catch ourselves one of them shiny Pokemans. It’s very easy to do. What you do is you just keep killing Wooloos over and over again… So much, Wooloos, chat. We’re gonna get a shiny Pokémon in no time.”

Flexing on his self-proclaimed blessing DisguisedToast said, “The difference here is, I specialize in RNG games, so I have an inherent advantage,” Toast completely undermined the hours of grind it takes to catch a shiny Pokémon.

Day One Of Pokemon

On his first day, DisguisedToast spent around 6 hours battling, but he didn’t spot a shiny Pokémon. He began his second day in high spirits saying, “I am confident that we will eventually end up with a shiny Wooloo,” he said. “I just don’t know when that’s gonna be.” Toast further said, “Somebody is gonna watch this, They’re gonna watch the beginning and see my optimism. They’re gonna laugh and think ‘He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into.’”

Seven hours passed, and DisguisedToast slowly started to find ways he would escape this cycle and take a nap. “I’m starting to consider the plan of unlisting the stream and taking a nap,” “I don’t want to give up. As long as I don’t end the stream, I technically have not given up.”

Man, I’m never gonna be able to look at sheep the same way again,” he added.

It was a shame to see DisguisedToast fail two hours later. “I’ll gift out the subs. I’ll gift out the subs,” he said with a defeated sleepy voice. “Alright, chat, 1,000 subs incoming.”

Twitch Subscriptions

DisguisedToast purchased subscriptions as promised in packs of 100, as it is the maximum number that Twitch allows people to buy.

It’s good that Toast threw in the towel, it is a wrong and dangerous habit for streamers to sit and stream for long hours. Twitch still has to address this problem and find out a solution for this dangerous activity. It’s good that Toast broke his adventure in different parts, to avoid any health issues, but these things can turn serious pretty quickly. Last year, a streamer died due to continuously streaming for around 24 hours. It might sound great and enticing altogether, but streamers and players should not ignore the real-life issues, which may affect them adversely. Streamers should refrain from straining their body for the sake of streaming beyond rational limits.

Toast delivers solid content all the time, and occasionally it’s hilarious to see streamers make a fool out themselves by taking on some serious challenges. Toast is a determined and technical gamer, but when it comes to luck, no one is an exception of extraordinarily blessed.

Wang may have taken a lesson from this, but he hasn’t yet accepted defeat. He made it clear that he will return for the shiny Wooloo. “This is not the end,” he said before ending the second day of his stream. “I’m going to get the shiny Wooloo no matter what. There is nothing that will keep me from the shiny Wooloo.” Well, for us, it’s great content for another day and we really hope he gets his hands on the shiny Pokémon this time around.

In his latest tweet DisguisedToast jokes about the shiny wooloo again.

Persistence Pays Off

During the mid day, DisguisedToast announced something special. After a long 15 hours, he finally caught the shiny wooloo and goes berserk on stream. He immediately tweeted his epic moment showing his achievement. As of this writing, the tweet has garnered 5.8k likes and 413 retweets, which means many of his fans were following his persuit of finding the shiny wooloo. What will be DisguisedToast’s next goal?

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