Disguised Toast is back on Twitch

Disguised Toast is back on Twitch
  • One of the most popular streamers “Disguised Toast” is back on Twitch after leaving the platform to go to Facebook.

The streaming wars continue as popular streamer, Disguised Toast, makes his way back to Twitch. We all know that big companies are eyeing the streaming world. Thew amount of money going around streaming has been increasing each year and this year we have seen something new. Streamers are now being offered contracts to stay on a platform . Prior to that, we have never seen contracts on streaming platforms and it all started with Ninja’s move to Mixer from Twitch. Ninja was able to secure a lucrative deal with his contract.

We later saw Shroud moving to Mixer. Mixer was able to pull two of Twitch’s biggest streamers. Twitch made a few moves themselves in order to secure their talent tool and also signed Pokimane and other notable streamers. One of the streamers who chose a different path from them all was DisguisedToast. The popular streamer signed a contract with the Facebook Streaming platform.

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However, DisguisedToast had returned to Twitch after being 6 months away. He was in IRL mode and was able to secure more than 20k viewers in a matter of minutes. Of course, viewers asked if there was something wrong with Facebook or is he returning back to Twitch for good? Disguised Toast answered these questions and he stated:

“Nothing like this has ever happened before, but I’m allowed to. I said to Facebook “Hey, think I might be able to do a stream on Twitch?” ‘Toast, you go get ‘em! You go get ‘em!”.

DisguisedToast lost his verified account after his move to Facebook and he was not allowed to get subs anymore. Watch Disguised’s in his return clip:

Of course, we do not know how will Twitch react to him coming back. It does seem like Toast is trying to recruit viewers from his channel over at Facebook. Twitch is not nice to streamers who leave their platform and we will see how this will turn out. In the meantime, Disguised Toast stated that he is really happy with Facebook streaming and loves to stream there. This might also open new opportunities for the streamers and they might move away from Twitch.


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