Did MrBeast Give Fake Money?

Did MrBeast Give Fake Money
  • Famous YouTuber and Streamer, MrBeast, is accused of giving out fake money during one of his acts. Here are more details about the incident.

Youtube has created a lot of celebrities, and MrBeast is one of them who found a way to do something no one else was doing. When I think of MrBeast, I think of the famous quote from Andy Warhol; “In the future, everybody will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” But in MrBeast’s situation, it’s more than just 15 minutes. The world is going in that direction where there are new stars being born every day, faster than Hollywood could ever create. Of course, there is a lot of money going around in the system as well. We are not going to explain how Youtubers earn money and the process in place. However, after seeing the amount of money being shown in videos from MrBeast (for example), people start to question the authenticity of this income. This issue came out the other day in one of MrBeast’s video. According to some people online and other streamers, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson was giving fake money in his video titled, “I Opened A FREE BANK”.

What Did MrBeast Do?

The incident happened in MrBeast’s latest video. In this video, he, as usual, stated that he will donate money. MrBeast is known for his donations to various people and organizations. MrBeast rented out a place for this reason and started giving out money to random people who would enter the “temporary” bank. However, some people noticed something interesting. The money that he was giving as cash was not written properly.

MrBeast Fake Money

At the top of each bill, behind the “United States of America” text was written, “Motion Picture“. Of course, this caused a huge problem over the authenticity of the money MrBeast was handing out. Many people questioned the whole MrBeast persona and stated maybe he was doing this for a very long time and just giving fake money to people.

However, MrBeast announced that the money he was giving out that day was fake. He did this to protect people. MrBeast stated that giving out cash to people has security risks and safety for people. Therefore he gave them checks instead of actual money. It does make sense when you look at it from this perspective. This video went viral and many people claimed that he was a fraud. However, it does not look like that. We know for sure that he was giving out donations to actual organizations that can verify this. Most recently there was the effort for reforestation with Arbor Day Foundation and huge names like Elon Musk that have donated there.

Did MrBeast give fake money? It does not look like that. His concerns are valid and many people went over the top in his videos including Twitch personalities. If there was something like this it would have been bigger news. Also, he has 20 million subs and an estimated net worth of 10 million Dollars. There is a reason why MrBeast is called the “Good Samaritan“.

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